Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 41

Phillip smiled. “I own this store and please, pick any shoe you’d like to take home, on the house. It’s the least I can do for someone who just saved my life while others just stared.” He gave the woman who was now sitting on the floor being fanned by the two young women Ana had almost approached before the bee sting.
“Actually,” said Ana, “I could use something else if you don’t mind.”
She walked over to the register where a small black and white sign sat. She picked it up and pointed to the “Help Wanted” written in cursive. “I could use a job.”
“Okay,” said Phillip. “What do you know about shoes?”
Ana fought the urge to smirk. After all, she was in a job interview of sorts. A really odd job interview, but still and interview.
The women who had been hovering over the faint woman, helped her stand and Ana got an idea. She pointed to the woman who had been talking about taking in the symphony at the zoo. “I overheard you saying you were going to the symphony at the zoo. I would suggest you wear something colorful, sleeveless, and flowy skirt with these shoes.”
She walked over to a display showing a set of five ballerina flats with thin satin ribbons to be laced up the ankle. She grabbed the silver flat. “These should go great with just about any color, unless you’re going black, but I wouldn’t in this heat. They have a thick enough sole to allow you to walk as far as you need to without the pain of heels and the shoe fabric is both flexible and breathable, so even if your feet do swell, the shoe will accommodate.”
“Oh my god, they’re gorgeous,” said the woman as she took the shoes from Ana’s hand. “And I know just the dress.” She turned to her friend. “You know that super cute vintage Lela Rose cocktail dress I tried on the other day. The one I said made me feel like Audrey Hepburn?”
“Yes,” stated the friend. “You have to buy these shoes and then go buy that dress!”
The girls giggled as they practically ran to the register. Phillip looked at the lady who had fainted. “Sandra, would you mind ringing those ladies up please.”
Sandra jumped a bit, remembering she was on the job and hurried over to help the women. Phillip gave Ana a smile. “Well, I’d say you know a bit about shoes.”
“A bit,” said Ana with a smile. “I used to design for Beauxpieds.”
“You’re a shoe designer?” Phillip ran his hands through his hair. “Why in the world would you want a job here?”
“It’s a long story,” said Ana. “But the short version is I’ve relocated and I’d like a fresh start.”
“Any chance you know anything about charity balls?” asked Phillip.
Ana thought of numerous balls she had helped Tilde organize through her twenty-eight years. She was a walking encyclopedia of what needed to happen for a ball to be a success. She smiled at Phillip. “I can honestly say I know as much about charity events as I do shoes.”
Phillip’s smile grew even wider. “I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

Casablanca, huh,” said Ana. “In that case, I do believe it is.”

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