Friday, February 26, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 40

Just as Ana was about to turn and give advice to the young woman, a scream pierced the front of the store.
“He can’t breathe!” screamed a woman, whose face was so red Ana wondered if she was also having problems breathing.
Ana rushed to the front of the store and sure enough a man sat on the edge of the shoe display window gasping for air.
“What happened?” asked Ana. “Did he eat something?”
The woman shook her head. “I think he was stung by a bee.”
Ana crouched in front of the man. “Where you stung?”
The man managed a nod as his hands locked onto the ledges of the display window in panic.
Immediately Ana started patting the man’s pockets.
“What are you doing?” asked the woman.
Ana ignored her until she found what she was looking for. She slid her hand into his pocket and pulled out a long device that resembled a pen. She pulled off the safety cap and stabbed the pen into the man’s thigh, causing the woman to release another scream as she wilted to the ground.
Releasing her own breath, Ana relaxed as the man’s breathing started to become normal. She pulled out the pen as he released his grip on the ledge of the window and placed his hands on his knees, taking in deep breaths.
“You okay?” asked Ana.
The man took another deep breath. “I think so, thanks to you. How did you know?”
“My sister, Cindy, is allergic to peanuts,” said Ana. “Fortunately, I’ve only see that happen to her once, when our other sister gave her a brownie with peanuts in it, and I had to inject Cindy with her EpiPen. I knew if you had one on your person, you needed it.”
“Well, as sorry as I am that your sister is allergic to peanuts, I’m very glad you knew what to do,” said the man. “I’m afraid I went into a panic when I saw the bee and was unable to help myself. Thank you.”
Ana smiled. “I’m happy I was here to help. Would you like me to call an ambulance or take you to the doctor? Maybe you should get checked out?”
The man waved her off. “I’m okay now, thanks to you.” He reached out his hand. “I’m Phillip Stanley and you are?”
Ana shook his hand. “Anastasia Durrant, but you can call me Ana.”
Phillip stood and Ana took a good look at the man whose life she had just saved. He had a full head of thick dark blonde hair and icy blue eyes. His white button up shirt, clung to his chest showing off his masculine physique. She guessed he was a person who took advantage of hiking San Francisco’s many hills.
“Do you work here?” asked Ana.
Phillip smiled. “I own this store and please, pick any shoe you’d like to take home, on the house. It’s the least I can do for someone who just saved my life while others just stared.” He gave the woman who was now sitting on the floor being fanned by the two young women Ana had almost approached before the bee sting.
“Actually,” said Ana, “I could use something else if you don’t mind.”
She walked over to the register where a small black and white sign sat. She picked it up and pointed to the “Help Wanted” written in cursive. “I could use a job.”

“Okay,” said Phillip. “What do you know about shoes?”

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