Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 39

Jeffery opened the car door. “Shall we go home?”
Home sounded nice to Ana, but it also sounded foreign. Could she really call the beach house her home? She definitely didn’t have a home with her mother any longer and the home she thought she would have with Brett was just thrown out the tallest skyscraper in California.
“I’m sorry, Jeffery, but I think I would like to walk some more,” said Ana.
Jeffery gave Ana a sympatric smile. “All right, Miss, just text me your location when you’re ready and I’ll be there to give you a lift home.”
“Thank you,” said Ana.
Jeffery gently grabbed her arm before Ana could walk off. “If you ask me, he’s not worth your frown, Miss.”
Ana gave a thankful nod before Jeffery dropped his hand and Ana walked toward the ocean. She couldn’t see it due to the skyscrapers, but could hear the gulls and the fog horns of ships coming into the bay so she knew it was close.
She wanted to feel the salty wind on her face and prayed it wouldn’t be wiping away unwanted tears. She didn’t want to cry over Brett. It just seemed silly. She had barely known the man, regardless of the connection she felt, it wasn’t as if they had been a couple or even dated for that matter. But she knew she saw all the possibilities in a new life with Brett and none of the downfalls. She had been living in a fairy tale.
As she approached Drumm Street she spotted a park and decided that would be a good place to sit and think. Just as she turned toward the park, something caught her eye. She turned and quickened her pace as she approached the shoe store. The window was lined with the summer’s latest fashionable flip flops, perfect for a beach or deck party. Bedazzled backless heels flacked the flip flops for anyone looking to upgrade their beach look. P.S. Shoes was written in fancy lettering across the center of the window.
Ana pushed the door open and took in the smell of leather and vanilla. Shoe stores had always been her happy place and Ana couldn’t help but feel excited at the prospect of a new show for her collection, or at least some inspiration for a new design.
She walked through the displays and gently touched the shoes.
Two young women walked behind her, eyeing a display of classic black heels. “So we’re going to the symphony at the zoo. Which sounds really romantic, but I have no idea what to wear. It’s going to be hot and you know how my feet swell when I get to hot. Plus, I have no idea how far I have to walk before we get to where in the zoo they’re actually playing. There’s a good chance that my feet will just puff right out of any shoe I wear before the symphony has tuned their instruments.”
Just as Ana was about to turn and give advice to the young woman, a scream pierced the front of the store.

“He can’t breathe!” screamed a woman, whose face was so red Ana wondered if she was also having problems breathing.

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