Friday, February 19, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 38

Ana hurried to the revolving doors, feeling stupid. The guard was right, Brett had had many opportunities to get back with her. He wasn’t interested and she was acting pathetic.
Tears blurred her vision as she pushed her way out of the building and ran smack into the back of a man standing near the door.
Ana stumbled back as the man turned and caught her arm, keeping her from falling. Ana looked up and into the dazzling molasses colored eyes of Brett Morrow.
“Anastasia?” Brett’s eyes grew wide.
Ana nodded as she got her feet back under her and gently pulled her arm from Brett’s saving grasp. “I was in the neighborhood and thought I’d drop by. Seems foolish now, you’re a busy man.”
Ana waited for Brett to respond, but he just stared at her, making her feel even more foolish. Ana wasn’t even sure how that was possible. “Take care, Brett.”
She turned to walk away and he caught her hand again. “Anastasia, sorry, I was just surprised to see you.”
He wrapped her in an awkward side hug and then flashed his winning smile at his colleagues. “Please excuse me for a moment, if you would like to go on up to the conference room I’ll meet you up there in ten. Let my assistant know if you need anything.”
Ana watched as the men walked inside without giving her so much as a glance. “I’m sorry, Brett, it’s just that I’ve moved to San Francisco and you’re the only person I really know in the area, so I thought I’d look you up. I tried calling, but couldn’t get past your assistant.”
“You moved here?” Brett shook his head. “Why?”
Because of you silly, sat on her tongue, but Ana bit it back. “Honestly, I took your advice, stood up to my boss and then quit my job.”
“You did what on my advice?” Brett again shook his head. “I never met for you to …”
Ana waved him off before he could finish his sentence. “Honestly, I needed a new start away from my mother and you just gave me the courage to stand up for myself is all. Cindy and Charles offered me up their beach house until I get on my feet here and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.”
Brett glanced at his watch. “I’ve got to go, but give me your number and I’ll call you.”
Ana could hear the pity in his voice. “Your assistant has it.”
Brett pulled out his phone. “That might be true, but I’ll put it in my phone right now and I’ll call you later, promise.”
Ana rattled off her cell phone number with little hope that Brett would actually call her back. She had been living in a fairy tale and it was more obvious than ever that Brett was not her Prince Charming.

Chapter 7

“Miss Durrant?”
Ana almost walked right by Jeffery without noticing him. She had forgotten that he was picking her up. She walked to the car. “Oh, Jeffery, sorry. I forgot.”
“You all right, Miss?” asked Jeffery. “You look like you’re carrying the world on your shoulders.”
Ana smiled. “Not so big as the world.”
Jeffery opened the car door. “Shall we go home?”

Home sounded nice to Ana, but it also sounded foreign. Could she really call the beach house her home? She definitely didn’t have a home with her mother any longer and the home she thought she would have with Brett was just thrown out the tallest skyscraper in California. 

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