Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 37

She squared her shoulders and marched toward the door. She entered and was met with a mosaic of marble and light. Everything was white, grey or black and Ana wasn’t surprised. The whole place spoke of professionalism and class, even the contemporary black sofa and chairs reeked of business.
She looked around the lobby, hoping to spot Brett. Her heart dropped, he wasn’t in the lobby. In fact, very few people were. Ana was sure they were just all working in their offices. She walked to the security desk, sure they would call Brett and he would hurry down to great her.  
“Hi,” said Ana as she approached the desk.
“How may I help you?” asked a female security guard.
“I would like to see Brett Morrow, please,” said Ana.
“Do you have an appointment?” asked the guard.
Ana shook her head. “I’m afraid not. I’m a friend of Mr. Morrow’s and was in the neighborhood, so I thought I’d drop by.”
“Mr. Morrow doesn’t do drop bys,” said the guard with a smirk. “You’ll need to make an appointment with his assistant.”
Ana thought of the numerous times she had called Brett’s office and spoken to his assistant. Never once did she mention her making an appointment, but Ana fully conceded that she hadn’t asked for one either.
She bit her lip. “Maybe you could call up there and see if they could squeeze me in, it’ll only take a moment. I really just want to say hello and let him know I’m in town.”
The guard crossed her arms. “Seems to me if you were that good of a friend the A. you would have his private number and 2. You wouldn’t need to drop in.” The guard dropped her arms and leaned forward giving Ana a sympathetic smile. “Look, I’m sure you and Mr. Morrow had a very nice time wherever it was you met. But do yourself a favor and run along before you make a fool out of yourself.”
Ana felt her face flush hot and knew she was blushing, but she didn’t know if it were more out of embarrassment or anger. “Well I never …”
The guard straightened. “Never what? Been played by a dashing millionaire? Welcome to the club. Go on home now or I’ll have to escort you out.”
Ana turned and felt her mother’s wicked words on the tip of her tongue. She wanted to give the guard a piece of her mind, tell her how she’ll be in the unemployment line once Brett heard of the way she had treated Ana. But as those words rushed through her head, all Ana heard was her mother’s voice, and the countless times she had heard Tilde threaten a person simply for not allowing Tilde to break the rules.
Of course, Brett didn’t want drop bys. Ana felt fresh heat rush to cheeks and this time she knew it was embarrassment. He was a professional and couldn’t have women just waltzing in whenever they pleased.
Ana hurried to the revolving doors, feeling stupid. The guard was right, Brett had had many opportunities to get back with her. He wasn’t interested and she was acting pathetic.
Tears blurred her vision as she pushed her way out of the building and ran smack into the back of a man standing near the door.

Ana stumbled back as the man turned and caught her arm, keeping her from falling. Ana looked up and into the dazzling molasses colored eyes of Brett Morrow. 

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