Friday, February 12, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 36

“Would Bayside Enterprises be one of those fancy smacy offices?” asked Ana.
“Let me check,” said Katie. She tapped a few more keys on her phone. “Yes, and actually not that far. It’s on Battery Street. Looks like a fifteen minute walk.”
Ana bit her lip.
“What are you thinking?” asked Katie with a sly smile.
“That a walk sounds really nice after all those dumplings,” said Ana, looking at the ceiling.
“And what else?” pried Katie.
Ana tried to look innocent. “Well if I’m literally ‘in the area’ maybe I could just drop by and see if Brett is available?”
“Girl.” Katie shook her head at Ana. “Well, I can tell you one thing, you’ve got nerve. I’m not sure he deserves it, but you’ll probably just keep wondering if you don’t try. You want me to go with you?”
Ana shook her head. “You’ve done so much already. If you’ll just text Jeffery and see if he’ll be around long enough to drive me home. I would appreciate it. If not just tell me what buses to take and I can make my way home.”
“If he’s not available,” said Katie. I’ll just stick around Chinatown until you’re done and then take you home. I have some shopping to do and at the herb store.”
Ana left Chinatown and started toward the financial district after Katie confirmed that Jeffery would meet Ana at Bayside Enterprises in an hour. She appreciated the walk after eating so much food and could smell the savory aroma of Chinatown mixing with the California sea breeze. She loved the city all ready and had only seen a fraction of it.
Her thoughts turned to Brett and her heart raced at the anticipation of seeing him again. She hoped he wouldn’t be upset with her just turning up and felt a little bit like a stalker, but she was in the neighborhood.
She shook her stalker thoughts away. Of course, he would be happy to see her and he would probably appreciate her gumption. Hadn’t he been the one to encourage her to stand up to Tweets and get the promotion she deserved?
She imagined herself walking into the huge skyscraper, bright with sunshine coming through the large windows. Brett would, by chance, be in the lobby. He would turn and see her walk through the doors. A smile a mile wide would caress his face as he forgot about everything else. He would excuse himself politely and then hurry to her, wrapping her in a hug, before planting a passionate kiss on her lips. He would then turn to his business associates and tell them he was taking the rest of the day off to spend with her.

Butterflies raced in her stomach as she found herself staring at the large skyscraper. “Okay, Anastasia Durrant, it’s now or never.”

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