Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 35

“It was yummy and I loved every minute of the process,” said Ana. “Even cleaning up afterwards. I swear when I got to the meeting and watched people dig into my dip, I was giddy. You would’ve thought that I had just won a James Beard award. So after that, I started helping Cindy with the meals and she taught me how to cook.”
“How did you mother feel about that?” asked Katie.
“I told her it would help me get a good husband, so she was fine with it,” said Ana, causing Katie to belly laugh.
“Now that is something Jeffery would have agreed with your mother about,” said Katie. “I swear that man put a ring on my finger right after tasting my pot roast.”
Now it was Ana’s turn to belly laugh. “It sounds like you and Jeffery have a wonderful marriage.”
“We do,” admitted Katie, “but it’s not without drama. We have our disagreements and even go to bed mad at each other sometimes, but the next day all is right. He is my biggest supporter and incredibly passionate about our marriage both in an intimate and non-intimate sense. He knows nothing is more sacred than our relationship.
Ana sighed. “I want that.”
“You’ll find it,” said Katie. “You’ve got a good vibe. I can’t imagine you not finding someone passionate about you.”
“Well, I thought I already had,” said Ana, looking at the phone. “But since he hasn’t returned any of my calls, maybe not.”
“Forget about him,” said Katie. “Here you are starting a new life in an exciting city. How about I show you around today? We could go to the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, then to Chinatown for some lunch?”
“That would be wonderful,” said Ana. “Jeffery said you were a good tour guide.”
“Great,” said Katie. “I’ll meet you out front in half an hour. Jeffery’s running errands in the city for Dr. Windsor, so is my car okay?”
“Unless you want to go tandem on Mrs. Windsor’s bike,” joked Ana.
Katie laughed. “We had better save our leg strength for walking across the bridge.”


Ana threw her napkin on the table. “I surrender. I can’t eat one more dumpling. You’re gonna have to roll me out of here. In fact, just roll me home, I don’t think I’m going to be able to fit in the car.”
“I told you,” said Katie, throwing her own napkin down.
Ana let out a happy sigh. “This city is beautiful. I can see why people move here.”
“It’s not for everyone,” said Katie. “But there are those of us who just feel it in our blood. We’re called to the cliffs, beaches, and waves. It’s like it’s in our soul.”
Katie’s phone beeped and she looked at it. “Jeffery is downtown and would like to know if we need anything? We’re practically downtown, he must think we’re sitting on the beach with our toes in the sand.”
Ana shook her head. “I don’t think so. Is there anything of interest?”
“Mostly skyscrapers with fancy smacy offices,” said Katie nonchalantly, tapping on her phone.
“Would Bayside Enterprises be one of those fancy smacy offices?” asked Ana.
“Let me check,” said Katie. She tapped a few more keys on her phone. “Yes, and actually not that far. It’s on Battery Street. Looks like a fifteen minute walk.”
Ana bit her lip.

“What are you thinking?” asked Katie with a sly smile. 

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