Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 33

Ana looked around the beautiful room. She knew Jeffery was right, Charles would be upset at Jeffery if he let her leave and Cindy would be upset at her for leaving. She needed to stay and follow her plan. If she worked hard, then she would be able to find herself a place in no time.
Ana woke up the next morning feeling a lot better about things. The night before she had taken a long stroll on the beach, then a hot bath in the largest tub she had ever seen, and then allowed herself to open one bottle of wine from the Windsor’s impressive stock, with the promise of replacing the bottle.
As she drank her coffee on the small deck outside her room, she had to admit there was something about the California air that made her feel refreshed. She looked at her watch and saw it was a little after eight. Grabbing her cell phone she called Brett’s office, hoping she would catch him before he ran off to appointments.
“Bayside Enterprises,” came the receptionist’s voice.
“Hi, yes, I’m needing to speak with Mr. Morrow,” said Ana, feeling the desperation in her voice.
“May I ask who is calling?”
“Yes,” answered Ana. “I called yesterday, Anastasia Durrant. I’m a friend of Mr. Morrow’s and I’m in town. I was hoping to touch base with him.”
“Oh yes, Ms. Durrant …”
Ana pushed the annoyance away at the receptionist’s disapproving tone.
“… Mr. Morrow is very busy I’m afraid and will be in and out of the office today.”
“Okay,” said Ana. “Please let him know I’ve called, let me give you my number.”
“I have it,” said the receptionist, “and I will relay the message.”
“Thank you,” said Ana hanging up the phone. She couldn’t help but feel as if the receptionist, or maybe it was Brett, was giving her the ol’ brush off.
Ana’s mind fluttered back to their night on the beach. I was only one night, but the kiss had been fantastic. She knew Brett felt it too, she could see it in his eyes and sense it in his body. Why wouldn’t he want to give her a call?
Ana decided that she was reading way too much into a few seconds of conversation with a receptionist who was probably very busy with business calls and had no patience for Brett’s personal life getting in the way of her getting her work done. Brett was a successful businessman and probably had a slew of unread messages sitting on his desk. When he got a minute he would look at them and call her. Ana was sure of it.
“Hello there.”
Ana looked up to see a short red-headed woman walking from the blue and tan house Jeffery had pointed out as his own. Ana knew the red head must be his wife Katie.
“Hi,” said Ana. “You must be Katie.”
The woman nodded. “And you must be Ana, or at least I hope you are or we have a seriously awkward situation here.”

Ana laughed at the joke and instantly knew she’d call Katie a friend. “I am, please sit. Would you like some coffee?”

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