Friday, January 29, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 32

“So this is Cindy’s bike,” said Ana, walking to the bike. It was perfect for Cindy, but Ana hadn’t been on a bike in a very long time.
Jeffery let out a belly laugh. “Yes, Miss Cindy has used the bike, but I was speaking of Dr. Charles’s mother, Elizabeth.”
Now it was Ana’s turn to laugh. She could just imagine that fine southern lady riding her bike down to the market. It seemed like just the thing to get everyone in the neighborhood talking about her in all the right ways.
“Let me show you to your room,” said Jeffery. “Then I’ll be on my way. I’m sure you’re ready to rest after traveling all day.”
Ana gave a final look at the bike before flipping off the light and following Jeffery to her room.
“Mrs. Windsor’s master bedroom is on the other end of the house and is to be kept vacant,” explained Jeffery. “I’m sure Dr. Charles explained that she tends to drop in without notice. All the other rooms are over here. You can take your choice, but in my mind, this one is the best of the bunch.”
Ana gasped as she walked into the room. It didn’t have the floor to ceiling windows like that rest of the house, but it did have a large bay window just overlooking the ocean. As if that wasn’t enough the room was painted soft shades of blue and white, giving it a breezy feel.
Jeffery walked to a sliding glass door with screen and pushed them open. The ocean filled the room and Ana was sure she was in heaven.
“You have a small private deck here,” said Jeffery, as he slid only the screen door shut, continuing to let the ocean in.  “Perfect for morning coffee if I do say so myself.” He walked to the other side of the room. “And here is your private bathroom.”
Ana’s heart raced. “This is all too much. My mother was just awful to Cindy while we were growing up and I never stopped it. Now, here I am, living off Cindy’s good graces. I don’t deserve this.” She shook her head as she sat on the bed and cried. “No, I’m just going to go find a cheap hotel somewhere and then an apartment. If you will do me one last favor and take me to one, I would appreciate it.”
Jeffery walked over, shaking his head. “I’m afraid I can’t do that, Miss, Dr. Charles will have my head. Just stay here, there’s no reason this house should sit empty. If they didn’t find you worthy of this gift they wouldn’t have offered. The Windsor’s are charitable, but not to a fault.” He gave her a soft pat on her shoulder. “I’ll bring in your luggage. Why don’t you just rest a spell, at least stay here for the night, and then see how you feel in the morning. Katie would love to take you to see some sights if you’re willing. She loves playing tour guide.” He gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze. “Be right back, Miss.”

Ana looked around the beautiful room. She knew Jeffery was right, Charles would be upset at Jeffery if he let her leave and Cindy would be upset at her for leaving. She needed to stay and follow her plan. If she worked hard, then she would be able to find herself a place in no time.