Friday, January 22, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 30

She pulled out the card with Brett’s information on it and tried to decide if she should call. Taking a deep breath she typed in the numbers and listed to the phone connect. It rang twice before a woman answered, “Bayside Enterprises.”
“Hi, yes, I’m looking to speak to Mr. Brett Morrow, please,” said Ana, surprised her voice sounded so steady since her heart was racing and nearly in her throat.
“May I ask who is calling?” said the woman.
“Yes, I’m a friend of his, Anastasia Durrant. I’m in town and hoped to connect with Mr. Morrow,” said Ana.
“One moment please, Ms. Durrant, let me see if he’s in.” The line clicked before soft jazz began to play. In less than two minutes the lined clicked again. “I’m sorry, Ms. Durrant but Mr. Morrow is not in the office at the moment. Can I take a number and have him call you back?”
“That would be fine,” answered Ana. She gave the woman her number and told her that Brett could call at any time. As she hung up the phone she wondered if her last statement hadn’t sounded a little desperate.
“Here we are, Miss,” said Jeffery as he pulled into a long driveway.
Ana rolled down the window and gasped at the property. It was a single story with floor to ceiling tinted windows, with a windy sidewalk surrounded by thriving tropical plants, leading to a large mahogany door. “It’s beautiful,” she whispered.
“It is that,” said Jeffery, opening up the door for her. “I’ve been instructed to give you a tour of the house before I’m on my way. If you’ll follow me, I’ll do that, and then retrieve your luggage.”
Ana followed Jeffery to the front door. He fished a key out of his pocket, unlocked the door, and then handed the key to her. As they walked in, an alarm started to beep and the driver quickly punched in the code to turn off the security system. Reaching into his pocket once again, he took out a card. “This has all the instructions you need for the security system. It’s really simple, look it over and let me know if you have any questions. But it’s just typing in the code and hitting the green button to turn it off or the red button to turn it on.”
“Thanks,” said Ana instantly intimidated by the large pad of numbers. “And if I do it wrong?”
Jeffery gave her a smile. “Well, if the alarm goes off the police will be here within five minutes. The Moss Beach station is just down the road a ways and they are big fans of the Windsor family’s generous donation to their widow’s fund each year.”
He motioned for her to follow and they entered a large living room. Ana instantly walked to the back wall that also held floor to ceiling windows, but instead of a view of the California coast hills, this one boasted a spectacular view of the ocean and the white sandy beach. “Oh my.”
“Yes, the view gets most people immediately,” said Jeffery rubbing his hands together. “I mean, how could it not?”

“You aren’t just the Windsor’s driver, are you?” asked Ana, giving Jeffery a side look.

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