Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 29

Chapter 6

Ana was surprised to find a man holding up her name on a simple white sheet of paper, waiting for her when she exited the secured part of the airport.
“I’m Ms. Durrant,” she said walking to the man. “May I help you?”
The man smiled. “Miss, I’m here to drive you to the beach house per Dr. Windsor’s request.” He grabbed her suitcase. “Right this way Miss.”
Ana had fully expected to take a cab to the house, but she wasn’t surprised that Charles had asked his driver to pick her up. Those were just the types of people Cindy and Charles were. Their hearts were set on helping as many people as they could.
As she exited the airport she was hit with the smell of the ocean. The smell took her back to Brett and their walk on the beach. Her heart leapt as she thought of walking the shores of the Pacific with Brett for a lifetime.
Ana gasped as they cleared airport traffic and she got a full view of the Pacific Ocean. She had leaved near the Atlantic Ocean all her life and loved it dearly, but nothing had prepared her for how beautiful and majestic the Pacific Ocean was in comparison.
Fluffy white clouds floated over large waves causing a picture postcard scene. Ana couldn’t wait until she could scramble to the water’s edge and have the cold water wash over her feet. Something about the ocean had always made her feel alive and energetic.
“Excuse me, Mr … ?” asked Ana, looking up at the driver realizing she didn’t know his name.
“Please, call me Jeffery,” said the driver.
“Yes, Jeffery, how far to the house?” asked Ana.
“About an hour, Miss,” said Jeffery.
“An hour outside of San Francisco?” Ana was taken aback. She had no car, in fact she had never learned how to drive living in the city. She had always taken cabs or the train.
“Yes, miss,” answered the driver. “But you’ll see it’s well worth the drive. Moss Beach is a beautiful area and I’m available to take you into the city whenever you like.”
“Thank you, and Jeffery please call me Ana,” said Ana, sitting back in her seat.
“As you wish, Miss,” said Jeffery giving her a playful wink.
Ana smiled back, knowing it would take a miracle for Jeffery to actually call her Ana. She sighed. As thankful as she was for all of Cindy and Charles’s help, she wasn’t exactly ‘making it on her own’ as long as they were footing most of her bills and taking care of her.
Ana took out her phone and began to make a list of what she needed to do first. Job, was the number one item and under it she typed car. She figured she could get a used car cheaper in the San Fran area than an apartment, so she would make that her first big purchase.
She pulled out the card with Brett’s information on it and tried to decide if she should call. Taking a deep breath she typed in the numbers and listed to the phone connect. It rang twice before a woman answered, “Bayside Enterprises.”

“Hi, yes, I’m looking to speak to Mr. Brett Morrow, please,” said Ana, surprised her voice sounded so steady since her heart was racing and nearly in her throat.

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