Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Only a Kiss ~ Part 25

“I don’t,” said Ana shaking her head. “I’m moving to San Francisco.”
“You cannot be serious,” said Tilde, her eyes narrowed.
“I am,” said Ana. “I’m going to San Francisco and I’m going to find Brett. I’ll get a job and if Brett and I hit it off like I know we will, then I won’t have to choose between finding love and helping you.”
“So you’re just abandoning us for some foolhardy scheme to land a man halfway across the country!”
 Tilde was practically yelling and Ana had to fight the urge to cower in the corner.
Ana forced herself to stand taller. “Mother, this is not some foolhardy scheme. I can see a future with Brett …”
“Nonsense,” snapped Tilde. “You speak of this Brett fellow as if he were the answer to some silly fairy tale. What’s to stop you from staying in California and forgetting your family ever existed?”
Ana gasped. “Mother, I would never do that.”
“You say that now.” Tilde shook her head. “Regardless, I am your mother and you will stay here and choose a husband from the gentlemen I have already vetted. This way we can ensure the security of this family.”
Ana could feel Tilde’s eyes burning through her. Ana knew Tilde felt as if she had won, that Ana would fold at any moment and relent to the emotional blackmail being thrown at her.
Ana lifted her chin. “I’m going to San Francisco. You can’t stop me.”
Tilde’s lips curled into a cruel smile. “You’re right, I can’t.”
“So you’re okay with me going?” Ana asked as she felt herself lean forward with hope.
“Of course,” said Tilde walking to the closet. She pulled down Ana’s large suitcase from the top shelf and placed it on the bed. “You can leave now. In fact, I insist that you leave now. You think you can do better in San Francisco with barely two cents to rub together, be my guest, but you will not spend one more night under my roof.”
“You’re kicking me out?” Ana squeaked, barely above a whisper.
“Anastasia dear.” Tilde walked to Ana and cupped her long fingernails under Ana’s chin. Ana could feel them digging into her flesh. “This is what you insisted upon and once you’re out on your own without my protection you will see how foolish you’re being.”
Tears stung Ana’s eyes and she pushed her mother’s hand off her chin. “Fine.”
Ana hurried to the closet and began packing. “I’ll be gone in an hour.”
“Very well,” said Tilde. “I guess it’s true what they say.”
“What’s that?” asked Ana, pausing from her frenzied packing.
“Sometimes you have to put the baby with the wolves before they realize how good they’ve always had it.” Tilde slammed Ana’s door.
With the door closed Ana returned to her packing, tears streaking her cheeks. This wasn’t how she wanted things to go with her Mother. No matter how manipulative her mother was, Ana loved her and a part of her wanted her mother’s approval, but she would not give into her mother’s barbaric request that she married for money instead of love.

Ana could not imagine a life without love. Her mind turned to Brett and she felt his warm embrace as her toes tickled the sand. Ana brushed the tears from her cheeks and felt new resolve flow through her body. She would get her happily ever after.

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