Friday, December 11, 2015

Only a Kiss ~ Part 24

“Mother!” Ana called as Tilde started to leave the room. “We can’t go buy and expensive dress when we don’t have any money. We need to go look for jobs, not men. We can take care of ourselves. I bet you could get a job as a party or event planner. You’ve put on enough events to be an expert. Deidra could be a social media representative for people, she’s perfect for that job and you’d be surprised how many people are looking for someone to handle their social media.”
Ana began to feel excitement in her belly as she thought of all the possibilities. “I know my specialty is shoes, but I learned a great deal at the Fashion Institute. I can take in tailoring and make special order garments. Maybe even set up an Etsy store with some of my own designs. If we all work together we won’t need to marry for wealth, we can wait until we find someone to love.”
“Love.” The word spat from Tilde’s mouth as if it tasted vile.
 Ana took a step back as Tilde’s eyes narrowed.
“Love is a myth, something naïve mothers tell their daughters in hopes of a happily ever after. But the reality is love does not pay bills. It does not put food on the tables, supply an education, or dress you clothes. Love makes you stupid and marrying for love when you could have married for wealth, makes you a fool. It is a fairy tale, nothing more.”
Ana went from being intimated of her mother to sad for her. “Haven’t you ever been in love? Didn’t you love Greg?”
Tilde’s eyes softened and Ana could see she was remembering a different time. She shook the thought away. “No, as I said love makes you stupid. I watched my friends all marry for ‘love’ and now more than half of them are divorced and barely making ends meet.”
Ana could tell her mother wasn’t telling the truth. She had loved once and apparently it had gone poorly. But Ana knew pushing her mother wasn’t an option.
“Now,” said Tilde, taking a deep breath to collect herself. “Get yourself together and we’ll go buy you a dress for tonight.”
The thought of another blind date made Ana’s stomach turn. She was already feeling sick at her mother’s rant regarding love. She thought of Brett’s handsome face and the way his kiss made her body and soul feel whole. Tilde couldn’t be right about love and if Ana followed her heart, maybe she could have love and still help her mother.
“No,” said Ana. “I’m not going on another date.”
Tilde sucked in a breath. “Then how do you expect to pay rent?”
“I don’t,” said Ana shaking her head. “I’m moving to San Francisco.”
“You cannot be serious,” said Tilde, her eyes narrowed.
“I am,” said Ana. “I’m going to San Francisco and I’m going to find Brett. I’ll get a job and if Brett and I hit it off like I know we will, then I won’t have to choose between finding love and helping you.”

“So you’re just abandoning us for some foolhardy scheme to land a man halfway across the country!”

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