Friday, November 27, 2015

Only a Kiss ~ Part 22

Ana sighed. “I didn’t cause a scene, but I did insult his poor excuse for red sauce and I did tell him what a poor excuse for a man I thought he was.”
“Why would you do that?” Tilde crossed her arms. “How am I supposed to find another date for you when Neptune Duncan is telling everyone around town what train wreck last night was?”
“Maybe you aren’t supposed to,” said Ana, sitting up in bed.
“We have a deal,” said Tilde.
“I know,” said Ana. “But it all feels so forced.”
“Drastic times call for drastic measures,” said Tilde.
“But is this really a drastic time?” asked Ana.
Tilde’s face fell and Ana knew the look well enough to know there was a problem.
“What is it?” asked Ana.
Tilde flattened her lips. “We’re broke.”
“What?” Ana shook her head. “But Greg left you millions.”
“Yes, he also left me with a mortgage and three girls to feed, clothe, and educate,” snapped Tilde. “You have no idea how much it costs to raise girls of means.”
“Does Deidra know?” asked Ana.
“Of course not,” said Tilde. “You know your sister has a flare for the dramatic. One word to her and it’ll be plastered all over the internet that we are destitute.”
Ana thought of all the lavish clothes Tilde had bought herself and Deidra and the expensive fashion school Ana had graduated from. It was also not lost on her, although Tilde had insisted that Ana have a job, neither Tilde nor Deidra had ever held a job.
“How long have we been in trouble?” asked Ana.
“A little over a year,” answered Tilde.
“Mother, why haven’t you gotten a job?” asked Ana, her eyes wide.
“A job?” Tilde’s nose wrinkled.
“Yes, Mother a job,” said Ana. “You could’ve been working to save yourself, instead you want me to find a rich husband to support your lifestyle.” Ana could feel the color rising to her cheeks.
“It is your duty as the eldest daughter to support this family,” said Tilde.
Deidra burst through the door. “Oh my gawd, Ana, what did you do to Neptune Duncan. He’s all over social media talking about how awful you were to him on your date last night. He’s telling everyone to stay away from you, like you have the plaque.”
“You mean plague,” said Ana.
“Whatever,” said Deidra, rolling her eyes. “You’re now the chopped liver of the dating pool. Good luck finding a man now.”
“Fine,” said Ana. “I’m glad this whole mess is over. I never wanted to do it in the first place.”
“Our agreement is still in place,” said Tilde, she glanced at her phone. “Timothy Rawlings just sent confirmation of your date tonight. He will pick you up at seven.” Tilde narrowed her eyes. “You will be on your best behavior, looks like Mr. Rawlings may be our last hope.”

“What do you mean?” asked Deidra. “Why would Ana Banana be our last hope?”


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