Monday, November 23, 2015

Only a Kiss ~ Part 21

Ana grabbed her pasta spoon and dipped it into Neptune’s signature sauce. She ate it and fought the urge to grimace. She smiled politely at both men as she took a drink of water and then tried Massino’s sauce.
“You’re right, there is a big difference,” Ana said to Neptune. “And if I’m being honest, your sauce does taste exactly like another chef’s sauce … Chef Boyardee.”
Chef Massino let out a hearty belly laugh as Ana smiled up at him. “Chef if it wouldn’t be any trouble I would like to take my meal to go.”
“No problem at all, bellasera,” said Chef Massino as he swooped up her plate and hurried to the kitchen.
“I’ll take you home,” said Neptune as he took a big bite of his spaghetti. “As soon as I finish my meal.”
“No need,” said Ana, standing. “I’ll call a cab.”
“Sit down,” demanded Neptune. “Your mother made it crystal clear that you don’t really have a say in the matter and that you need me.”
“First,” said Ana, trying to keep her voice at a civil level. “I do not need you, no matter what my mother may have told you. Second, you drive like a mad man, eat like a pig, and act like an Italian fool. I not only do not need you. I do not want you.”
Chef Massino walked out with her food in a plastic bag. “I’ve thrown in a little tiramisu for your trouble and Bradley has called you a cab.”
“Oh thank you Chef,” said Ana. “You are a delight and please tell Bradley thank you.”
Ana threw one final glare at Neptune before leaving the restaurant.

Chapter 4

“What in the world did you do to Neptune Duncan?” snapped Tilde as she barreled into Ana’s room early the next morning.
Ana had thanked all the stars that she had been able to sneak in without Tilde seeing her. She curled up in bed and wished the whole memory of the disastrous date away.
“The man was a horrible person, so I left early,” said Ana.
“He said you insulted him and caused a scene in the middle of the restaurant.” Tilde walked to Ana’s curtains and whipped them open.
Ana sighed. “I didn’t cause a scene, but I did insult his poor excuse for red sauce and I did tell him what a poor excuse for a man I thought he was.”
“Why would you do that?” Tilde crossed her arms. “How am I supposed to find another date for you when Neptune Duncan is telling everyone around town what train wreck last night was?”
“Maybe you aren’t supposed to,” said Ana, sitting up in bed.
“We have a deal,” said Tilde.
“I know,” said Ana. “But it all feels so forced.”
“Drastic times call for drastic measures,” said Tilde.

“But is this really a drastic time?” asked Ana.

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