Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Only a Kiss ~ Part 18

“Excuse me, Madam,” said Mandra. “Mr. Duncan to see Miss. Ana.”
Ana smelled Neptune Duncan before he entered the living area from the entry way. It was a mixture of musk and rotting citrus.  She fought the urge wrinkle her nose. Neptune entered, his black hair slicked back by so much gel he reminded Ana of a Ken doll with plastic hair. He wore an expensive Italian suit, the same color as his hair. He reached out and grabbed Ana’s hand.
“Good evening, Ana,” said Neptune in a very thick and obviously fake Italian accent. 
Ana looked to her mother, begging for an excuse out of the date. But if Tilde had seen her, she didn’t acknowledge it. Ana gently took her hand away right before Neptune could kiss it. She couldn’t be positive but she was sure he was wearing some kind of lip gloss.
“Nice to meet you, Mr. Duncan,” said Ana. “I wasn’t aware you were …” she cleared her throat, trying to clear the taste that came with his smell. “Italian?”
“Forgive me,” said Neptune. “I may have been born in New Jersey, but my soul is Italian.” He grabbed her hand again and gave it a wet kiss. “And please call me Neptune.”
Ana confirmed the man was indeed wearing either lip gloss or copious amounts of Chap Stick. She had also hoped that Neptune had a nickname, but apparently he did not.
He walked to Tilde and took her hand, giving it the same wet kiss. “Mrs. Asher, a pleasure as always.”
“The pleasure is all mine,” said Tilde.
Neptune turned to Ana and held out his elbow. “Shall we?”
Ana nodded. “I guess we shall.”
She had already decided that she would keep an open mind through the process. Her mother had picked out Greg for her own husband and he was an excellent man. Not that Tilde every saw Greg’s true value, but only his financial statement.
Neptune placed Ana’s hand in the crock of his arm and led her out the door and down the stairs to where he had a turquoise Ferrari waiting.
“Nice car,” said Ana.
“Only the very best,” said Neptune.
“It’s a very interesting color,” said Ana.
Neptune chuckled which sounded a lot more like a phlegmy cough. “I have a home in Sardinia and this color reminds me of the water that breaks along the white sand beaches. It is bellissimo.”
Jessica was surprised by how romantic the explanation was. Maybe once the fake accent and hair gel were gone, Neptune was a romantic at heart.
“Also, I am named after the god of the sea,” said Neptune as he opened the car door for her. “In some cultures being named after a god gives you the powers of one. And I like to believe that I am one.
He closed the door and Ana sighed, all romantic notions gone. He sat in the driver’s seat and Ana couldn’t help but realize the sports car didn’t really fit his stature. For as much effort it was to sit in the car, it would take twice as much to get out. Neptune carried his suit well, except for the mid-region, which looked as if it wanted to succeed from the rest of his body.
He gunned it out into the street and Ana grabbed the door handle.
“Do not worry, Bella Sera, I am an excellent driver,” said Neptune.

As they made their way to the Italian restaurant it did not take Ana long to realize that was a bold faced lie. The man couldn’t drive to save his life, in fact Ana wondered if she would make it out with her own.

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