Friday, October 2, 2015

Only a Kiss ~ Part 9

Ana sighed as she watched the taillight disappear out of the beach club’s exclusive gates. Brett was everything she dreamed of in a man. He was kind, handsome, romantic and passionate. She couldn’t wait to see him again.
Her heart dropped. While in their clouded romantic state neither had asked the other for their contact information. She clamped her hand over her mouth, resisting the urge to cry out, “Wait!” to the empty parking lot. She was too late and her perfect man was gone.
Ana sighed. Her evening with Brett had been magnificent, but way too short. The excitement fluttering throughout her body told her that she could have a relationship with Brett that would last a lot longer than a walk on the beach.
“Cindy,” she whispered.
Ana rushed back into the reception and searched the crowd for Cindy and Charles. Brett was Charles’s friend, surely he would have a way to reach Brett.
“Where have you been?” Tilde stepped in front of Ana and folded her arms. “I have lined up a number of eligible bachelors for you to dance with, yet you seemed to have disappeared.”
“I was walking on the beach,” said Ana, trying to side step her mother.
Tilde grabbed Ana’s arm. “You’re not getting any younger. This is the perfect place for you to find a husband. You need someone to look after you.”
“I can look after myself,” said Ana.
Tilde raised an eyebrow. “You can, can you?”
Ana yanked her arm away. “If you must know I wasn’t walking alone. Brett Morrow asked me to walk with him and I accepted.”
 “Brett Morrow.” A smile tugged at Tilde’s lip. “I asked around about him, seems he’s new money.”
“Mother.” Ana rolled her eyes. She wasn’t sure if she should be happy her mother approved or terrified. “Can we talk later? I need to find Cindy and Charles.”
“After you talk with her, come find me I’d like for you to meet Nate Koch. He’s just gotten out of a nasty relationship and is looking for a shoulder to cry on.” Tilde turned and walked toward an older group of women sipping champagne.
Ana continued to search the crowd, not seeing any sign of Cindy or Charles. Finally she spotted Charles’s mother, Elizabeth. She hurried to her.
“I hate to bother you, Mrs. …,” Ana started.
Elizabeth held up her hand. “Oh please, dear, call me Elizabeth. I’ve always hated being called misses. Charles’s father was nothing but a lazy donkey. Truth be told he should’ve taken my name, after all he’s been living off my family’s money.” She fanned herself. “Oh listen to me goin’ on and on. It’s the champagne talking. Now what can I do for you, honey?”
Ana smiled. Elizabeth had money to burn, but she was definition of southern hospitality. “I was just looking for Cindy and Charles.”
“Well, sweetie, they just left for their honeymoon. Sorry you missed them, but they planned it this way. They slipped out the back in order to let the party continue. I guess Cindy didn’t want all that birdseed in her brassiere.” Elizabeth laughed. “Can’t say I blame her. Anyway, I’m sure they’re on a plane by now headed to our place in the Bahama’s.”

Ana bit back her frown as she thanked Elizabeth. She tried to remain positive, but the truth was she would have to wait until Cindy got back before she could reach Brett. Ana knew the next two weeks would be the longest of her life.

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