Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Only a Kiss ~ Part 14

Ana hurried to a bench and pulled out the small notebook she kept in her purse. She quickly drew her beach inspired heel so she wouldn’t forget the concept. Not that would ever forget the shoe that was inspired by her romantic evening with Brett.
She finished her sketch and started home. Then she stopped as the reality hit her. She looked at her watch and saw it was just after two in the afternoon.  If she went home now she would have to face her mother and tell her why she wasn’t at work. Tilde had pulled some strings to get Ana a job a Beauxpieds and would be livid that Ana had quit.
Ana took a deep breath and instead of heading home, she turned and walked towards the library. Within a few blocks she found herself in front of the large two story sandstone building. She had always loved the library. Every time she wondered in, which was not nearly as often as she had liked, she marveled at all the books on the shelves and the stories they would tell. Ana walked through the large doors and made her way toward the back of the library where the computer lab sat. Normally, she would have preferred to use her own laptop, but since laptops weren’t allowed at work, hers was at home.
Her heart sank as she saw every computer was occupied. She would have to go home and use her own laptop. She turned and headed towards the fiction section of the library, figuring she could pick up some books to read since she was at the library and would have some extra time on her hands. After checking out a couple of romance novels, she headed home to face her mother.
As she walked past her old place of employment she could feel her stomach turn and wondered if her face had that off shade of green that usually accompanied nausea. She was partially glad she felt sick thinking of what she had just done, maybe that would actually convince her mother she was ill and had taken part of a sick day.
She tried to think of Brett and his brave words as she walked. She had done nothing wrong and really shouldn’t have to lie to her mother about why she was home. As long as Robin was running things, Ana would never be given a promotion. Surely, Tilde would see that Ana had done the right thing by standing up for herself. Tilde was a woman of great pride, she would understand why Ana had to protect hers. It was a matter of reputation and her mother would understand that above all things.
Ana reached their brownstone apartment way before she was ready, but knew there was no turning back. She squared her shoulders and walked up the steps, but before she could put her key in the lock, her mother exited the building.
“What are you doing home?” Tilde asked, folding her arms.
Ana stammered and fought to find the words about protecting her pride and reputation. “I … um … I …”
“Anastasia, stop stuttering like a fool and tell me what’s going on,” snapped Tilde.

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