Friday, October 23, 2015

Only a Kiss ~ Part 13

Ana knew Robin was right. Leaving with the design would mean Ana could be sued and she would most definitely be blackballed by every other shoe designer. Ana felt every eye on her as she grabbed her belongings and started toward the door, the sketch still in her hand.
“Ana, you give me that sketch,” demanded Robin.
Taking a final look at the design, Ana stopped by Robin’s desk. She face Robin and held out the design. “You’re right, I can’t leave with it. I understand that.” And in one simple move, as Robin started towards her, Ana bent over and placed the design directly into the mouth of the shredder.
Robin’s face turned a terrible shade of red. “You will regret that,” she hissed through clenched teeth.
Ana turned and looked around the room she had worked in for three years. She had poured her soul into shoe design after shoe design never getting so much as a “thank you” from Robin or any of the design committee upstairs. It was time to move on, of that Ana was certain.
She shook her head. “You know Robin, I won’t.”
Ana unclipped her name badge from her blouse and sat it on Robin’s desk. With just the release of that one tiny badge Ana felt as if the shackles had broken off her ankles. She picked up her pace and hurried out of the building. The minute she hit sunlight, she raised her face to the sun and felt as if she was soaking it in for the first time.
She smiled and couldn’t help but laugh out loud. She couldn’t remember a time she had felt so happy, but then she remembered walking with Brett on the beach. It was amazing to her that a man she had met once was making her feel as giddy as a school girl and as brave as a warrior.
She would make her own way and knew with Brett by her side nothing could stop her. She had always wanted to visit the west coast and knew now was her chance. She would move to San Francisco and find a new job where she was appreciate and respected for her design.
Ana hurried to a bench and pulled out the small notebook she kept in her purse. She quickly drew her beach inspired heel so she wouldn’t forget the concept. Not that would ever forget the shoe that was inspired by her romantic evening with Brett.
She finished her sketch and started home. Then she stopped as the reality hit her. She looked at her watch and saw it was just after two in the afternoon.  If she went home now she would have to face her mother and tell her why she wasn’t at work. Tilde had pulled some strings to get Ana a job a Beauxpieds and would be livid that Ana had quit.

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