Friday, October 9, 2015

Only a Kiss ~ Part 11

Ana bit her lip and tried not to cry out of frustration. It was a horrible habit she had; crying when mad. Everyone thought she was sad or weak, but crying was the only way she could control her anger without totally losing her cool.
Robin wiped her hands as if she had just held a dusty rag. “There were only four designs, you were slated for five. What’s that in your hand?”
Goosebumps took over Ana’s flesh as she held up her last sketch, knowing full well that Robin would very likely shred the best shoe she had ever designed.
Robin placed her hand over her mouth and tapped her finger on her lip. She made no motion to take the sketch, not that Ana was willing to release it just yet. Ana was always good about taking a picture of her designs on her phone before showing them to Robin, since Robin had such an itchy shredding finger, but hadn’t had time to snap a picture of her newest design.
Robin nodded. “Yes, I do see Karen Kattridge’s influence.” She held out her hand. “I’ll take it upstairs, but don’t get your hopes up. The colors need tweaking and the ankle strap is so last season. In the meantime, you still owe me four designs that aren’t completely worthless.”
Ana heard Brett’s voice in her head telling her to take her moment to shine. She knew the design was prefect and Robin was just trying to steal her design. Robin had done it before. Ana remembered her first summer line. She had designed an adorable pair of wedged flip flops with a large poppy flower attached to the strap. Robin had said the design was amateur but she would take it upstairs to see if it could be saved. The design was not only saved, but made it into the summer line.
She remembered how her heart soared when she saw her design had made the cut and how it fell as she saw “Designed by Tweet” beside her shoe. She had confronted Robin about it and was told that there were so many flaws in her original design, it was only right that it was Tweet’s design after her hours of improving. Every season since, Robin had taken at least one of Ana’s designs and claimed it for her own.
Ana was determined not to let that happen again. “I would like to go with you.”
Robin cocked her head. “Go where?”
“Upstairs,” said Ana. “I know I’m just a junior designer, but I would like to present my design to the committee. I’ve been here three years and I would not only like to speak for my own work, but I would like them to know I’m looking towards a promotion.”
Robin let out a laugh. “I don’t know what’s more hilarious? You speaking to the senior designers or you thinking you could be one of the senior designers?”

“You’ve seemed pretty happy with my work,” said Ana, squaring her chin. “Every season I see my designs with your byline.” Robin opened her mouth to protest but Ana held up her hand. She was determined that today was going to be her make or break moment. “Don’t tell me you had to ‘improve’ my designs. We both know you’ve barely tweaked them from the time my sketch leaves this basement to the prototype and I have pictures of my sketches to prove it.” Ana looked around the room to her three fellow junior designers. “And I wouldn’t be surprised if none of your claimed designs are actually yours. So you can either let me present this design to the committee or I can present them with proof of your design theft.”

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