Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Only a Kiss ~ Part 10

Chapter 2

Ana doodled on her sketch pad. She knew she owed Robin five new designs to be considered for the fall line, but her mind was only on summer and the walk she shared with Brett. As she thought about her romantic evening her hand moved across the paper with the grace of a ballerina.
As she sketched she felt the warmth of the sand beneath her toes and could almost smell the ocean. Her lips tingled as she remembered the taste of Brett’s kiss. She closed her eyes and imagined his strong arms around her.
The door banged shut, causing Ana to jump out of her day dream. Slamming the door was Robin’s signature move. She wanted to make sure everyone looked up as she walked into a room. Ana looked down and saw what she had been drawing. An ocean blue and sandy tan patchwork heel with ankle strap stared back at her. She had barely remembered sketching it as she fantasized about Brett, but it would be absolutely perfect for the fall line.
She looked up and saw Robin scrutinizing a coworker’s sketches and hurried to get her own designs in order.
“This is for the fall line?” Robin bellowed. “More like the unemployment line.”
Robin walked across the room and shredded the sketch. Ana cringed as the metal teeth of the shredder chewed to scraps the design her coworker had spent all morning on. Shredding shoe designs she deemed unworthy was also a signature move of Robin’s.
Ana stood as Robin stomped toward her desk. “Good morning, Ro … I’m mean Tweet.”
Robin had insisted everyone stop calling her by her given name instead calling her “Tweet” about a month ago. She decided the Tweet had more of a fashion designer flare to it, when Robin was plain and boring.
Robin looked down her nose at Ana. Although Ana was taller than Robin by a few inches, Robin always insisted Ana wear flats so Robin would always be taller in her heels. “Well, let’s see it.”
Ana handed over four designs, keeping a firm grasp on her beach inspired shoe design. “These were inspired by the Karen Kattridge line I saw last week in New York,” Ana explained. “I think she’s really going to be a trend setter this fall.”
Robin groaned. “There’s no pop. I want something that makes me want to chirp. These make me want to regurgitate a worm.”
Ana fought her own urge to vomit at the thought of a regurgitated worm.
Robin shook her head. “No, none of these will work. Start again.” With that she walked to the shredder and demolished all four of Ana’s shoe designs.
Ana bit her lip and tried not to cry out of frustration. It was a horrible habit she had; crying when mad. Everyone thought she was sad or weak, but crying was the only way she could control her anger without totally losing her cool.
Robin wiped her hands as if she had just held a dusty rag. “There were only four designs, you were slated for five. What’s that in your hand?”

Goosebumps took over Ana’s flesh as she held up her last sketch, knowing full well that Robin would very likely shred the best shoe she had ever designed.

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