Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Only a Kiss ~ Part 8

“But San Francisco seems like it would be a wonderful city,” said Ana, looking toward the moon. “You’ve got the Golden Gate Bridge and beautiful beaches along the Pacific, which I hear is a lot more majestic than the Atlantic.”
“All tourist traps,” said Brett. “Can’t say I’ve really been to either one.”
“Really?” Ana titled her head. “I would think it would be amazingly romantic.”
Brett stopped, turned to her and lightly brushed a stay hair off her cheek. “I think this moment is amazingly romantic.”
He bent slightly and gently placed his lips on hers. Ana felt her stomach erupt with butterflies as she melted into his warm embrace.
Ana felt a rush of heat engulf her body as Brett kissed her passionately. He was by the far the best kisser she had ever encountered. His kisses were light but hungry and his steady arms around her made her feel safe and care for.
Her heart raced as she followed his lead. Her thigh started to vibrate. Ana broke their embrace as she realized it was not the kiss causing the vibration, but Brett’s phone.
“Do you need to get that?” she asked.
Brett shook his head as the vibration stopped. “It’s just the alarm on the phone.” He pulled her in for another sweet kiss and then whispered in her ear. “It has been an amazing night, but I’m afraid I must go.”
“But the reception has barely begun,” Ana said with a sigh.
“I’m catching the red eye back to San Fran tonight,” said Brett. “I have a major deal going down in the morning and I need to be there.”
“I understand,” said Ana, turning back towards the party, “but I am disappointed to see you go.”
Brett swung her back into his arms. “As am I.” He kissed her.
Ana’s knees felt weak as his light kisses turned to hard desperation, as if he were kissing her for the last time. He broke their kiss and cupped her cheek. “My beautiful Anastasia, you have made this night unforgettable. If you find yourself in San Francisco I’ll never forgive you if you don’t look me up.”
“Well we can’t have that,” said Ana. “I promise to do so.”
Brett wrapped his arm around her as the two started walking back to the party. Ana felt as if she were walking on clouds as they glided through the party and to the valet stand. His arm felt right wrapped around her waist, as if it had always been meant to be there.  He wrapped her up in another hug and said good-bye with a gentle kiss before getting into his rental Mercedes and driving away.
Ana sighed as she watched the taillight disappear out of the beach club’s exclusive gates. Brett was everything she dreamed of in a man. He was kind, handsome, romantic and passionate. She couldn’t wait to see him again.

Her heart dropped. While in their clouded romantic state neither had asked the other for their contact information. She clamped her hand over her mouth, resisting the urge to cry out, “Wait!” to the empty parking lot. She was too late and her perfect man was gone. 

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