Friday, September 25, 2015

Only a Kiss ~ Part 7

 “Do you want to go for a walk on the beach? It’s a lovely evening,” asked Brett as the music stopped.
Ana nodded. “Sounds lovely.”
Tucking her hand into the crook of his elbow he walked her out the large patio doors that led to the beach. The moon was full, casting an ambient glow that made Ana feel as if she were entering a fairy tale. Her stomach fluttered with excitement as they made their way to the waves.
She paused as they stepped off the boardwalk and onto the sand to take off her heels.
“So Ana, what do you do when you’re not attending the wedding of the century?” asked Brett.
Ana laughed. “Is that what they’re calling it?”
“Of course,” said Brett, “You’ve got a fairy tale story ending with a wedding, the news outlets are calling Cindy and Charles our royals.”
“Better than another Kardashian wedding,” said Ana rolling her eyes. “But to answer your question, I’m a fashion designer.”
“Oh yeah?” Brett cocked his head. “What do you design?”
“Shoes,” said Ana, holding up her red peep toe pumps. “I design for Beauxpieds.”
Brett let out a low whistle. “That’s impressive.”
“Is it?” Ana bit her lip.
“Their shoes are everywhere,” said Brett. “My sister won’t wear anything else and she’s nothing if not fashionable. Do you not like it?”
Ana sighed. “I enjoy designing shoes. I do not enjoy my boss who takes credit for my work. I swear she hasn’t had an original shoe design in the three years I’ve worked there, but if you ask the higher ups she’s the next Jimmy Choo.”
“You just need to get your designs in front of the right set of eyes,” said Brett.
“Easier said than done,” said Ana. “I’m stuck in the basement. I don’t even have clearance to get into the elevator that goes to the executive offices …” Ana covered her face with hand. “Oh, listen to me. Could I be any whinier?”
Brett chuckled. “If you knew my sister, you would know you’re not even close to being the whiniest. Sounds like you’re working in a frustrating environment.”
“That’s the truth,” said Ana.
“You can either stay in the trenches and wait for your time to shine or you can leave the job,” said Brett.
Ana looked out over the waves. The ocean never ceased to make her feel both small and invincible. Seemed like there were so many opportunities just beyond the waves. Countries and cultures she had never experienced before, just waiting for her to go and indulge in their offerings.
Her heart leapt at the thought of traveling to far off places and she shook the frustration of her job away. “You’re right, but enough about my job. Cindy tells me you’re from San Francisco. I’ve never been there, what’s the city like?”  
Brett shrugged as they turned and walked just out of the reach of the incoming waves. “It’s okay. I would like to make my way to New York City soon.”
“But San Francisco seems like it would be a wonderful city,” said Ana, looking toward the moon. “You’ve got the Golden Gate Bridge and beautiful beaches along the Pacific, which I hear is a lot more majestic than the Atlantic.”
“All tourist traps,” said Brett. “Can’t say I’ve really been to either one.”
“Really?” Ana titled her head. “I would think it would be amazingly romantic.”
Brett stopped, turned to her and lightly brushed a stay hair off her cheek. “I think this moment is amazingly romantic.”

He bent slightly and gently placed his lips on hers. Ana felt her stomach erupt with butterflies as she melted into his warm embrace. 

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