Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Only a Kiss ~ Part 5

Cindy’s smile returned as she put her hand on Ana’s arm. “It’s okay, I know you didn’t mean it that way. Who doesn’t love Jane Eyre? My point is, why feed into gossip, or in this case your own overthinking, and not just enjoy the moment? After dinner just see where it goes, dance with Brett, take a moonlight stroll on the beach, have fun without worrying when the other shoe is going to drop.”
Charles tapped Cindy’s shoulder getting her attention and Ana turned her attention to her salad. As she swirled her spinach in balsamic vinegar, Cindy’s words echoed in her head. Why shouldn’t she just have fun tonight?
Ana stabbed a tomato with her fork and squared her shoulders. She was going to live up the night and leave her worries behind.


Ana laughed as Cindy smashed cake all over Charles’ perfect face after he had done the same to her. She knew it was a small miracle Cindy and Charles had found each other. They were perfect for each other. Both were generous as well as easy going.  Charles had just returned from suppling parts of Ebola stricken Africa with badly needed medical supplies. He hadn’t even started his residency at University Hospital, but he was already helping others. And Cindy practically ran the Samaritan Center that helped the homeless.
Cindy and Charles gave Ana hope that there actually were more good kind-hearted people in the world, than snakes like her mother and sister.
“I can’t believe they’re rubbing cake in each other’s faces. It’s so juvenile,” said Deidra, tapping on her phone. “I can only imagine what Sally Popkins will have to say about that.”
“They’re just having fun,” said Ana. “Leave them alone.”
 Deidra released a sound of disgust as she wrinkled her nose at Ana. “Leave them alone? Why should I? Cindy is nothing but an entitled brat and Charles is a jerk for ditching me for Cindy.”
“Charles was not your date,” said Ana, with a huge sigh. “And Cindy is anything but an entitled brat.”
“Oh I see,” said Deidra with a smirk. “You’re taking up for Cindy now that she’s married into a wealthy family. You’re going to be all nicey nicey to her so you can share in her riches. Smart plan, but you don’t have to pretend around me. I’ll keep your secret, just slide me a little cash on the side.”
“That’s not it at all,” snapped Ana a little louder than she had intended. The crowd around them stopped their conversations to stare at Ana. She took Deidra’s arm and led her to a more secluded spot. Double checking to make sure their mother was nowhere to be seen, she looked her younger sister directly in the eyes.
“Can’t you see how awful we were to her?” asked Ana.
“To who?” asked Deidra.
“Cindy,” said Ana. “We’re old enough now not to buy into Mother’s lies. Cindy has never done anything to us and she certainly didn’t cause her father to pass on. We’ve been mean and cruel to her. I by never standing up for her and always keeping my mouth shut even when I knew better and you for joining in Mother’s emotional abuse. We’ve all been nothing better than bullies and now Cindy is willing to let bygone be bygones. Don’t you want to take that opportunity to make things right?”

“No. I do not,” snarled Deidra. “Because I’ve done nothing wrong. I only speak the truth and some people just can’t handle the truth. Cindy should be thanking me for letting her know her flaws so she can fix them. I’ve been doing her a favor and what did it get me? A front row seat to watch her marry the man of my dreams.”

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