Friday, September 4, 2015

Only a Kiss ~ Part 2

Charles walked up behind Cindy and wrapped his arms around her as guests started to file into the reception area. “Honey, I hate to interrupt, but Mother is insisting we stand in that dreadful reception line.”
“Okay, Baby,” said Cindy, she started towards the door before turning toward Ana. “You see, Ana dear, you’re responsible for my happily ever after.”
Ana sighed as Cindy turned and greeted her other guests. “If only I could be responsible for my own.”
 “Well, I’m glad that’s over,” said Deidra, coming over to Ana. “I swear when I get married we’re not going to have any of this sappy nonsense. Could you believe they released butterflies in honor of their love? Seriously.”
“I thought it was nice,” said Ana. “And the butterflies were realized in Greg’s honor, not to symbolize their love. Weren’t you paying attention to the ceremony?”
Deidra pulled out her phone. “Actually I was live tweeting the entire event. I even got a retweet from Sally Popkins!” Deidra squealed. “Can you believe it?”
“Who is Sally Popkins?” asked Ana.
Deidra rolled her eyes. “She’s only the host of the highest rated fashion show on the Contour Channel, Fashion Fiascoes.”
“Nice,” said Ana. “What did she retweet?”
“Well,” said Deidra with a sly smile. “I said Cindy’s gown looked like a swan humping a wedding cake and attached a picture and Sally agreed.”
Ana gasped. “Deidra, that’s awful and Cindy’s dress is beautiful and classic. She looks like a princess, finally marrying her prince. I can’t believe you said that about our sister.”
Deidra wrinkled her nose. “Stepsister. Beside everyone knows Charles was interested in me before Cindy stole your dress and conned her way into the gala.”
Ana held up her hands. “I’ve told you a number of times, Cindy did not steal my dress. I let her wear it and urged her to go. The gala was in honor of her father, she had every right to be there.”
“Oh did she?”
Ana felt goosebumps race up her spine at the sound of her mother’s voice behind her. Just the tone of her mother’s sentence made Ana was to run and cower in a closet. Ana reminded herself that she was twenty-six years old and no longer needed to be afraid of her mother.
She squared her shoulders. “She did. Greg had been in our lives for five years, but in Cindy’s life forever. He was her father.”
“She also killed him,” contempt dripped off Tilde’s statement.
“Mother,” Ana said softly, hoping a scene wasn’t about to stir. “Greg died of pancreatic cancer, Cindy had nothing to do with that.”
“The amount of stress poor Greg endured having a daughter like Cindy was enough to make him quit trying and give in to the disease,” said Tilde. “He’d rather die than deal with her any longer.”
Ana shook her head. “I can’t even … if you think this of Cindy why are you even here?”
Tilde gestured around the room. “This room is filled with eligible, rich, men for you and your sister. I’m here to find you a husband.”
“Please don’t,” begged Ana.

“Don’t what?” Tilde cocked her head. “Find suitable spouses for my daughters I love dearly, insuring they have a financial security for life?”


  1. I love the Cinderella story. I'm happy to read it from one of the stepsister's POV. :)

  2. I've always wanted to write it from the stepsister's POV, of course I'm taking a lot of liberties here. But it's fun! :D