Thursday, March 28, 2013

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The Cross                                                 
 By Cathy Collar

The Cross; there it stands
Bold and brave.
The symbol of a miracle worker
Who made man out of clay.
Through six suns and six moons
The earth he carefully made.
And rested a well earned rest,
On the seventh day.

The Cross; stands there reminding me
Of all the things he did.
He sent a son from heaven above
To live as we all live.
He taught us of goodness and kindness
And our sins he did forgive.
And what did we repay him with
But cruelty, all the time he lived.

The Cross; reminds me most of all
Of Jesus being crucified.
After all he did, all he helped
And oh how hard he tried,
To teach us of the Lord above
Who had given us all life.
And his repay for all he did,
Was to be crucified.

The Cross; now is a symbol
Of the holiness in this land.
Where almost everyone worships
The man whose giant hand.
Carved this world into what is today,
But I still don’t  understand.
Why it took us all so long to find,
The Holy King Of Man.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Leprechaun's Treasure ~ Conclusion

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But Rhoddy didn't run away, in fact he ran right toward Pargonous, clawing and biting up her leg.

Pargonous let out a fierce scream. "You! You got away from me once Prince, but you will not do it again."

"Save your threats, witch," snarled Rhoddy. "Today is the day you will die."

"What's going on?" yelled March. "Who is the Prince? Is someone else here? Please, help Rhoddy!"

The confused March, felt her way along the wall as the fight between squirrel and witch raged on around her. Pargonous let out a yelp as Rhoddy continued to bit and claw at her. March could feel the hot flashes of spells not hitting their target around her. She may be strong, but Rhoddy was quick.

Finally, March's hands fell upon the object she was looking for, the Aquamarine Clover. She held it tight in her arms. "Please," she said to the clover. "Help me see again."

Within seconds March's eyesight came back. She whirled around just in time to see Pargonous pointed her wand at Rhoddy, who was stuck solidly under her foot.

March held up the clover. "May all her evil deeds, be undone."

Pargonous screamed, "Nooooo!" as Rhoddy, the squirrel, transformed into a strong young man in tattered clothes holding a sword. The new bulk of the "squirrel" threw Pargonous off balance, giving the new human Rhoddy the chance to deliver a death blow to the evil witch.

"Rhoddy?" March baby stepped toward her friend. "Is that you?"

The man turned around. "Yes, March, it is me. Pargonous turned me into a squirrel five years ago. The Aquamarine Clover has turned me right again."

Hearing the voice of her friend, March ran to him and gave him a big hug. "I'm so happy you're okay. I was so afraid when I couldn't see. All I wanted to do was help you."

Rhoddy smiled. "You did my fair March, you broke every curse that witch ever made. You are a hero." He gave her a quick wink.  "How's that for adventure?"

"So who are you?" March asked.

"I am King Roderick of the Leprechauns, your highness." He did a low bow causing March to giggle before doing a small curtsy.

"Then you must return to your throne. Your people are worried, they have expressed their concerns to my father," said March a sad smile on her face.

"I will return, but hopefully not alone," said Rhoddy.

March gave him a quizzical look. "I don't understand."

"I was on my way to visit with your father when Pargonous turned me into a squirrel. I was looking for a wife, someone to share my kingdom with me," explained Rhoddy. "And I think I've found her."

He grabbed March's hands. "Will you be this leprechaun's treasure?"

March answered his question with a kiss.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Leprechaun's Treasure ~ Part 3

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"Why can't I see?" screamed March. "What have you done to me?"

"All those that enter my dwelling, never see the light of day," snarled the witch, Pargonous. "You'll be lucky if I let you live."

"You're dwelling? But there were leprechaun's guarding the entrance, I saw them." March shook her head. "This must be some kind of practical joke the leprechaun's are playing on me to get me back for touching their Aquamarine clover. Please stop, it isn't funny anymore. I'm sorry."

"It's no joke, deary," said Pargonous. "My goblins are enchanted to look like leprechauns so the King's followers will leave my cave alone. It's just too bad goblins aren't as smart as leprechauns. Real leprechauns would've never fallen for the ol' squirrel stealing a mere coin bit."

"Please, let me go," begged March. "I promise I will keep your secret. It was my fault for coming in here and messing with your things. Please, I mean you no harm. I just wanted to stop bad spells from hurting my people." March quickly covered her mouth realizing her mistake.

"Your people?"

March could almost feel Pargonous smile. "You're one of the King's daughters, huh? I've always wanted a princess for a pet. What shall it be? I'll let you choose. Would you rather be a rabbit, a squirrel or a bird?"

"I just want to go home," cried March.

Pargonous tsked at March. "Too late for that now, deary. Guess I'll have to choose for you. I've always enjoyed squirrels, but my last one got away. Rabbits are nice and fury, but I might be tempt to cook you in a stew. I guess that just leaves bird. Oh yes, you'll make a lovely bird. I will keep you in a cage and you will sing only for me."

March felt the slight breeze of Pargonous raising her wand, a cackle in her voice. "This is going to hurt, deary."

"Not so fast." came a voice from the entrance.

"Rhoddy, run!" screamed March.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Leprechaun's Treasure ~ Part 2

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March folded her arms, "Now what do I want with a stupid clover? At least with gold I could feed the needy or buy shoes for children who haven't got any."

"You do that anyway," said Rhoddy. "You're father has more gold than even the leprechauns, but what he doesn't have is a magical clover like the Aquamarine Clover. It is said to reverse any enchantment and undo any evil that has parched the land. Think about it March, with the Aquamarine Clover you can prevent evil from ever entering your realm. You will be as powerful as the witches who cast the spells in the first place."

March tapped a finger to her cheek, then smiled. "It does sound like fun and I do like to help people. Let's do it."

Rhoddy smiled, "Well, come on then!"

He scampered into the woods, March right on his tail. They ran for what felt like miles, soon March could hear the roar of the falls. Rhoddy lifted a fuzzy arm and she stopped.

"We have to be careful," whispered Rhoddy. "The leprechauns will not give up the Aquamarine Clover willingly. They love their treasure and hoard it like mice hoard cheese."

"Or like you hoard nuts?" March asked with a smile.

"A squirrel can never be too prepared," said Rhoddy. "But that's not the point, Princess. We mustn't get caught."

March nodded and the duo made their way to the base of the falls. Hiding behind a bush, they took in the security. Two leprechauns stood at the entrance to a cave just under the waterfall, while two more sat in the back counting gold from a large black cauldron. Just above them on the wall, sat the Aquamarine Clover. It twinkled in the rainbow's light.

"I will distract the leprechauns by running in and stealing a gold piece. Then you can run in and grab the clover."

Rhoddy took off before March could stop him. He scampered through the guards in the cave opening and went right up on top of the gold. She could see him twitch his nose and make squirrel chirping noises, before grabbing a piece of gold and fleeing.

The leprechauns stared at each other in disbelief before running after the squirrel.

March took this as her cue and ran into the cave. She picked the clover up and cradled it in her hands. She could feel the power surging from it.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end and she knew she wasn't alone in the cave.

"Well, what do you have here?" came an old woman's voice from the shadow. "Is someone trying to steal my Aquamarine Clover?"

March shook her head and put the clover back on the shelf. "No, I was just looking at it, waiting for the leprechauns to come back. Who's there?"

A cackle filled the room. "This is no leprechaun's layer, silly girl."

The old woman stepped out from the shadows, wild grey hair shooting out in all directions as red eyes focused on March.

"Pargonous the witch," was the last thing March whispered before her whole world went black.

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Leprechaun's Treasure ~ Part 1

March lounged against the tree and handed a nut to the squirrel that sat on her shoulder.

"I am so bored, Rhoddy," she whined. "Nothing interesting ever happens around here."

"That's not true, Princess," said Rhoddy the squirrel. "A lot has happened in the past two months. Your sister, January was captured in a net and went to war with a mad man and your sister, February, overcame the bite of Jack Frost's ice at the Winter Ball and found love. Not to mention you have the company of a talking squirrel. Who else has that?"

March rolled her eyes. "All my sisters can talk to animals, you're just the only one who speaks English, so that only makes it a little bit special, but not exciting. And those things happened to my sisters not to me. Nothing fun ever happens to me." She handed Rhoddy another nut.

Rhoddy stuffed the nut into his cheeks. "Well if it's adventure you want, then adventure you shall have. Come on then."

March watched Rhoddy scamper off and with a big sigh, she got up and followed him.

"Where are you going?" she asked after catching up with him.

"I'm headed to Prism Falls, of course," said Rhoddy. "Where there's always a rainbow."

March picked at some dirt under her fingernails. "I've seen rainbows, Rhoddy, there's nothing exciting about them. Beautiful, yes, exciting, no."

Rhoddy put his fuzzy hands on his furry hips. "Don't you know about Prism Falls?"

March shook her head.

Rhoddy scampered to a branch that was eye level with March. "Prism Falls always has rainbows because it's where Leprechauns live."

March shrugged. "So? I know plenty of leprechauns, they come to all our balls and festivals. Bit of an ornery sort if you ask me."

"And what is it the leprechauns are always bragging about?" asked Rhoddy.

March's eyes widened. "Gold!"

"That's right!" Rhoddy clapped, then his eyes narrowed. "But we are not after their gold."

"We're not?" March raised an eyebrow.

"No, the treasure we seek is worth more than gold. We seek the aquamarine clover."

Mystique Stone Magic ~ Tha Spirit Within

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Mystique Stone Magic ~ The Spirit Within

Photo: Aquamarine   " The Stone Of Enlightenment" 
I am helpful in understanding underlying emotional states and interpeting how you really feel.  I sooth fear and increase sensitivity. Wear me close to your heart and feel the sea, recalling dolphin dances with childlike delight
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Aquamarine " The Stone Of Enlightenment"
I am helpful in understanding underlying emotional states and interpeting how you really feel. I sooth fear and increase sensitivity. Wear me close to your heart and feel the sea, recalling dolphin dances with childlike delight