Monday, December 9, 2013

Trouble with the Yeti ~ Part 2

December clung tightly to Zircon’s fur as he bounded quickly through the snow drifts. She could hear the Yeti’s fierce roar and knew he was much too close for comfort.

The yeti swung for Zircon’s back end, but the polar bear was too quick, dodging just out of the way.

“Faster, Zircon, please!” called December.

“I’m trying, December, the yeti is a lot quicker than I remember,” said Zircon.

The yeti dove for the couple, but Zircon dodged him again. The yeti tumbled but landed on his feet and kept running.

“Will this monster ever stop?” gasped Zircon with heavy breath.

“I think I can help,” said December.

With great skill, December reached up and thread the turquoise comb threw her hair. Glancing over her shoulder, she could see the Yeti was just feet away. It wouldn’t be long before he could leap on the two of them.

Lifting both arms over her head, she reached toward the sky and began chanting in her native language. The sky filled with the reds, greens and blues of the aurora borealis. The louder she chanted the more vivid the colors. December shouted to the sky and the aurora borealis’ colors turned to clouds swirling a blizzard of snow around the Yeti causing him to run right into a drift.

“Keep going Zircon,” December encouraged. “We can lose him now if you run swiftly enough.”

December chanted to the aurora borealis again and colors surrounded Zircon. The bear put his head down as he felt the power of the northern lights and picked up speed. He barreled so quickly through the snow he barely saw the red sleigh before he collided with it.

December flew through the air as Zircon hit the sleigh and landed roughly in a snow bank. Digging herself out of the snow, she leapt to her feet. “Zircon! Where are you? Are you alright?”

“Over here,” called Zircon.

December rushed to her friend, who sat by the overturned sleigh looking dazed. She checked him over looking for injuries.

Zircon shook her off. “I’m fine, December, really. But I’m not sure about that guy.”

December finally took in the scene as a whole. Eight reindeer sat tangled in the reins of the overturned sleigh. A large burlap bag was slit open on its side, spilling out a number of toys.  And just below the toys lay a man, white beard and hair, wearing a red suit.

December’s hand flew up to her mouth before she ran to the man. “Santa?”

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