Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trouble with the Yeti - Part 3

“We killed Santa,” Zircon said, eyes low to the ground.

December’s hand flew to her mouth as she whispered, “No.”

Just then she heard a low groan coming from Santa’s direction. “Zircon he’s alive!”

December ran to Santa and put her check to his mouth. She smiled at Zircon. “He’s breathing.” She turned back to Santa. “Are you okay, Santa? It’s me, December.”

“December?” Santa’s eyes fluttered open. “I don’t know what happened. I was just heading out to deliver the toys to the good boys and girls and then there was a freak blizzard. Usually, my reindeer can fly right through them but this one was different. I was trying to land when something hit me.”

“I’m afraid that was us,” said December, helping Santa sit up. “We were running from the Yeti and I had to conjure a blizzard for us to escape. I’m so sorry. I had completely forgot it was the 24th.”

Santa patted December’s shoulder. “It’s okay dear, please help me up.”

December grabbed Santa’s arm and helped him to his feet. The two surveyed the scene.

“Ho, ho, ho, this is a pickle,” said Santa, checking his reindeer. “It will take a while to get them untangled.” He patted Vixon on the nose. “Don’t worry, we’ll get you guys out in a jiffy. Let me just check on the rest.”

Vixon gave a low grunt that apparently Santa took as an okay, because he turned to look at his bag. “Oh dear, this is not good. The toys are everywhere and most are broken. There will be a lot of unhappy children this Christmas.”

“Oh no,” said Zircon. “I’ve ruined Christmas!” He started to cry.

December comforted her polar bear friend. “No, Zircon, we will fix this in no time.”

She started chanting to the sky and soon the aurora borealis surrounded Santa and his sleigh. The reindeer were instantly untangled, as the toys flew through the air, being magically fixed before landing softly into Santa’s mended bag.

“There we go,” said December, smiling. “We have righted our wrong.”

“Ho, ho, ho!” laughed Santa. “We best be on our way.”

Just then a fierce roar pierce the sky. December, Santa, and Zircon turned just in time to see the Yeti grab Santa’s bag and run away.

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