Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Trouble with the Yeti - Part 1

December peeked over the snow bank and watched the Yeti rummage around in his cave. He picked through mounds of treasures he had stolen over the years. Whether it be a golden crown or a sewing table, if the Yeti wanted it, he took it, just as he had done with her turquoise comb.

Most people would’ve let the comb go, calling it a lost cause. But her turquoise comb controlled the power of the aurora borealis and in the wrong hands would be quite deadly. If the Yeti figured out what the comb actually did he would use its power to make it winter all year. And as much as December loved winter, she knew most of her sisters wouldn’t appreciate being without their seasons. There were four seasons for a reason, to create balance. Without that balance many lives would be lost.

December pulled her white coat tighter trying to ward off the cold. She didn’t dare cast a body heating spell for fear the Yeti would sense the unusual warmth in a place where it is always cold, the North Pole.

She heard loud crunching in the snow and turned, her spear raised against the possible attack. She lowered it quickly as a huge polar bear rounded the corner.

“Zircon, you scared the life out of me. I thought you were the Yeti,” December whispered.

Zircon stood on two legs, showing his full height. “That Yeti has nothing on me. Besides he smells like a wet skunk and I’d like to think I smell like roses. That is if I knew what roses smelled like.”

“Get down,” scolded December. “No matter how you smell, he’ll see you.”

Zircon dropped to four paws. “What are you doing up here, December? And why aren’t you cloaked in your warmness spell?”

“The Yeti stole my turquoise comb,” answered December.

“Not the Turquoise Comb!” Zircon gasped.

December peeked over the drift again, noticing the Yeti was gone. “Yes, the very one and now I must get it back.”

“No, wait,” protested Zircon, but it was too late. December had already rounded the corner and entered the Yeti’s cave.

She quickly searched through drawers of random desks and chests until she found her comb. “Got it!”

No sooner had she said the word, when a ferocious roar came from the back of the cave.

December quickly hopped onto Zircon’s back. “Run!”

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