Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Foreign Shore ~ Part 2

The warriors held their spears high, all pointed at Citrine. Fear raced through November’s body. She had just met this lovely stallion, there was no way she could let him die.

She placed a soft hand on Citrine’s neck. “It’s okay.”

Walking around the horse, November approached the warriors with her hands raised, partly to show them she was unarmed, partly to be ready to use magic to protect them if necessary.

“I mean you no harm.” November said calmly. “I washed up on your shore. I’m just looking to go home.”

The warriors looked at each other in confusion. November realized they didn’t understand her language. She closed her eyes briefly, extending her mind to theirs to learn their language. With that knowledge she extended her greeting again.

The men lowered their spears, still looking somewhat bemused.

“How do you know our words?” asked a tall warrior. Red paint lined his chest as an intricate design of black lines tattooed his face.

November smiled. “I know many languages.”

“And what of the horse?” asked the man. “He is the deliverer of spiritual awakening and has never protected one of your kind before. Are you some type of witch doctor?”

“I am no witch doctor.” November giggled. “This lovely stallion came to me when I washed up on your shore. My family has always had a connection with nature, especially animals.”

“You are a daughter of Father Sky and Mother Earth?” he asked.

November nodded. “They call me November.”

“I am Badger.” The warrior pointed to himself. “We have asked Father Sky for help. Has he sent you?”

November looked to the sky and mumbled, “You could just tell me next time father, thirty-two days at sea was not necessary.” She turned to Badger. “I will help any way I can.”

She could see Badge shift from nervous to relief. “Come, let’s get you some food and we will discuss our plight.”

Citrine pawed the sand. November smiled.

“It seems my new friend doesn’t want to leave my side. Would it be okay if he comes along?” she asked.

“It’s only fair, there is a threat to all kind, both his and mine,” said Badger.

“What could possibly threaten both species?” asked November.

Badger’s eyes narrowed. “The white man.”

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