Friday, October 18, 2013

A Sleepy Hollow Tale ~ Part 3

“A headless horseman?” October tried to hide her giggle. “Is this a Halloween prank you’re trying to play on me, Mr. Black?”

Damon’s eyes grew dark and October knew this was no prank made at her expense. She cleared the smile off her face. “I’m sorry, Mr. Black, I didn’t mean to insult. It’s just a very strange coincidence that your man would see a headless horseman before a Halloween Ball. It is the season for tricks after all. Where is your man now? I will have my doctor see to him.”

“We locked him in the grainery for his own good. He was quite disturbed by whatever he saw.” Damon shook his head. “This is no time to dwell on my poor man’s meltdown. I would appreciate your doctor seeing to him. I’m sure he will be in good hands. We mustn’t let this spoil the wonderful party I’m sure you have planned.”

October plastered on a smile. “Of course, Mr. Black. I’ll have my man take you and your men to your rooms.”

Damon kissed October’s hand once again. “Until tonight Miss. October.”

October felt her heart flutter as her smile became genuine.   “Until then, Mr. Black.”

Opal flew to her shoulder as the men left the Great Hall. “A headless horseman? Seems very odd with what we discussed earlier, doesn’t it?”

October bit her lip.

“What is it?” asked Opal. “Every time you bite your lip it means you’re worried. You can’t be worried about a legend. It’s a fairy tale told to kids to keep them in bed at night.”

“Well, it’s just that when we were finishing the tree … “ October hugged herself as she remembered the flash of the cape.

“Go on,” encouraged Opal.

“I’m sure it’s nothing, but I thought I saw a cape disappearing into the night and now this man has seen a ‘headless horseman’.”

Opal giggled. “You’re right, it’s nothing. That cape could’ve been a number of things. There are many messengers and riders during our Halloween festivities.”

October nodded her agreement, but she couldn’t ignore the chills that ran through her body.

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