Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Sleepy Hollow Tale - Part 2

October hid around the corner and watched as Damon Black and clan entered the castle. It was to no surprise that Damon arrived two days before the party, most of the out of town guests did. He looked dashing in his white shirt and black pants, a thick hooded cape lined with blood red, hung on his shoulders. He ran his hands through his messy black hair as his dark eyes darted around the room.

Opal perched on her shoulder. “You should greet them.”

“I always get so flustered when he’s here, it’s like my brain is exchanged for my foot,” explained October.

“Regardless, you are the hostess.”

“You’re right. It would be rude not to greet them.” October squared her shoulders and straightened her long blonde hair. “He’s just another guest.”

“Of course he is,” teased Opal as October rounded the corner to greet her guests.

“Mr. Black, so glad you could make it.”

October held out her hand, which Mr. Black took while bowing slightly. “Miss. October, so lovely to see you again. Thank you for your invitation, your Halloween Ball is the highlight of my year.” Mr. Black held onto her hand a little longer than expected, planting a short, but sweet kiss on it.

Butterflies cartwheeled in October’s belly as he released her hand. “I trust your pleasant was journey?”

“Excuse me?”

October’s face turned crimson. “Your journey, I hope it was a good one.”

“Actually.” Damon glanced at his second in command. “I’m afraid we lost a solider.”

October gasped as her hand flew to her mouth. “What on earth happened?”

Damon shook his head. “He lost his mind.”

“I don’t understand,” said October.

“I’m not sure I do either,” said Damon. “We were camped in the Skellywood Forest. We’ve camped there every time we’ve made this journey and never had a problem. But this time, one of my men thought he saw … “

Damon shook his head.

“What?” asked October, her eyes wide. “What did he see?”

“It’s impossible, but … “ Damon rubbed his neck, looking uncertain. “He said he saw a headless horseman.”

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