Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Sleepy Hollow Tale ~ Part 1

October hung the last jack-o-lantern on her Halloween tree and stepped back to admire her work. A small black bat landed on her shoulder.

“What do you think, Opal?” asked October. “Will it do?”

“The best tree yet, October,” answered Opal. “It’s going to be a lovely Halloween.”

“Oh yes.” October smiled. “I can’t wait for the costume ball.”

“What are you going as?” asked Opal.

“I was thinking this year I’d go as the headless horseman,” said October, a smile curled on her lips.

Opal made a face. “Well that’s not very romantic.”

“Halloween is not about being romantic, it’s about being spooky.”

“But you’d have to wear a jack-o-lantern on your head the entire night. Your hair will smell like pumpkin for a month,” said Opal.

“I can think of worst things.”

“You can’t go as him, October, you know who will be there.”

October knew exactly who Opal was talking about, Mr. Damon Black from Transylvania.  “Well in that case maybe I should go as Ichabod’s love interest, Katrina von Tassel instead.”

“I believe that is a wise choice.” Opal giggled.

The wind grew cold and October shivered. “That was weird.”

“I know,” said Opal. “We don’t usually get that cold until November.”

Something tingled at October’s senses, her eyes darted around the forest, just catching the flicker of a cape disappearing in the darkness.

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