Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Sleepy Hollow Tale ~ The Conclusion

October felt a scream rise through her throat, but quickly swallowed it down. She wouldn’t cause a panic.

“An actual headless horseman,” she heard Damon gasp before he let go of her and drew his sword. “Men, arm yourselves.”

A vile laugh filled the ballroom. “You think your weak little toothpick swords are a match for me? I will crush you all.” The horseman’s jack head burned brighter.

Damon and his men started to advance.

“Wait!” October called out. Then men stopped.

October looked at the horseman. “Why are you doing this?”

The eyes on the Jack-o-lantern narrowed. “A century ago you took my head and now I’m here for yours.”

October’s mind raced, trying to figure out who had been beheaded. She gasped. “It can’t be.”

The headless horseman laughed again. “That’s right, I’m black sheep of the family, Sir Sheffield of Dottingham. Are you happy to see me again cousin?”

Damon looked at October for an explanation.

October squared her shoulders. “Sir Sheffield could never fully grasp his place in our family. He thought since our fathers are brothers that he should have control over the realm since my father only had girls and he was the only male child. When he was told by my father that women were excellent leaders and we were more than capable, he decided he would kill us, starting with my youngest sister, December. She was only two at the time and barely survived the attack. I came in just in time to stop him and my father put him to death.”

“This land will still be mine. I’ll have all your heads on stakes, starting with yours Miss October.”

Damon raised his sword. “You’ll have to go through me first.”

Sir Sheffield’s jack-o-lantern’s mouth curled into a cruel smile. “Very well then.”

The pumpkin launched toward Damon, like a fiery cannonball. Damon and his men scattered for safety as the jack-o-lantern exploded. A new flaming pumpkin appeared in Sir Sheffield’s hand and he launched another pumpkin bomb into the crowd.

October watched Sir Sheffield throw pumpkin after pumpkin into her ballroom full of guest. Anger filled her body as she remembered seeing this man over her baby sister strangling her. She took off into a run, toward Sir Sheffield, grabbing the punch bowl on her way. Screaming the cry of a warrior she charged the headless horseman throwing the punch onto the current flaming jack-o-lantern distinguishing it.

The Jack’s face turned into a frown, right before it melted into what looked like burnt pumpkin pie. Before the full effect of her actions registered, Damon was thrusting his sword into the body of Sir Sheffield. The body stiffened and fell over, the horse disappeared.

Damon’s men rushed in dragging the limp body of Sir Sheffield out of the ballroom and toward the brig.

October turned toward her crowd. “Sorry, I know that was scary. But please take a moment to steady yourself and then I hope you will continue to enjoy the party.”

Damon pulled her close and kissed her. “I have waited an eternity to be with you and intend to enjoy this party to its fullest and then some.”

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