Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Aster's Bride ~ Part 3

“Take me where?” asked September. “I am not leaving my home.”

Gunner laughed. “As if you have a choice. My darling little September, do not worry. I have no intentions of leaving here. In fact I quite like your Lily Manor, of course you might not feel the same when your precious Aster comes to call. I will kill him of course, so you might not have the same affection for it as you do now.”

“You monster, I won’t allow you to hurt him,” screamed September.

Gunner scowled. “You won’t have a choice. Now you will go down to your staff and tell them they are to act as normal. They need to go about their usual activities, but none are allowed to leave the grounds.”

“And if I don’t?” asked September.

“Oh that’s an easy enough question to answer.” He gave her a wicked grin. “I’ll start killing them one by one until you agree.”

September bowed her head, he knew she wouldn’t let that happen.

“Don’t look so sad, my sweet September.” Gunner lifted her chin. “After all we have an engagement to celebrate.”

“And if I don’t marry you will you kill my staff as well?” she asked.

“September, you will marry me, because if you don’t what Redding did to that petty little village will seem like a stroll on the beach after I get done with you and your precious staff.”

He planted a firm kiss on her, she squirmed to get away, but his grip was too tight. He tasted vile and September fought the urge to vomit. Grabbing her hair, he jerked her head back. “That’s just a taste of our wedding night.”

Letting go of her hair, he clapped. “Come now! Tell your staff and then let’s celebrate. We get married two days from now.”

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