Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Aster's Bride - Part 1

September gazed intently out the open window as she twisted the sapphire necklace her fiancé, Aster, had given her the month before as a promise to return for her hand in marriage. He was due back any day and she was determined to be the first to see his mighty stallion crest the hill.

“You really must stop looking out this window,” said Jun, a purple dragonfly perched on her shoulder. “It won’t make him come any faster.”

September sighed. “I know, it’s just been so long since he went on his quest. I’m concerned something has happened, or maybe he’s … “

“He’s what?” asked Jun.

“I guess I’m afraid he’s forgotten me and found another on his quest.” September caressed the teardrop sapphire pendant on the necklace. “There are many fair maidens in this realm.”

“But, none as fair as you,” said Jun.

September released a small smile. “Thanks, Jun, but I wasn’t fishing for a compliment. I just miss him and I’m worried.”

Jun flew to the four-poster bed and landed on a post. “As you should be, his quest was a dangerous one.”

September dropped heavily on her bed. “I can’t believe Father sent him to speak to the Ankous about the death of their kinsman. I don’t know why he didn’t send Jasper. I mean he was there.”

“I believe that’s precisely the reason your father didn’t send Jasper. The Ankous are not reasonable people, but Aster has brokered deals with them before. I’m sure he’ll return soon,” Jun encouraged.

The sound of horses entering the gates drew September to the window. She could see three men dismounting their steeds, but none of those steeds belonged to her Aster.

One of the men looked up, catching September in the staring down at them. He patted the man next to him on his back. “Look Gunnar, it’s your bride to be!”

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