Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Aster's Bride ~ The Conclusion

September sat at the grand table unable to eat the feast that sat before her. Gunner sat beside her shoving fist full after fist full of food into his face. “Does he even stop to breathe?” September thought to herself. “Disgusting.”

Gunner caught her staring. “Admiring your new fiancée, love?”

“You are a vile creature,” she shot back. “I am repulsed.”

Gunner grabbed her chin. “Think what you want, but soon you will be this vile creature’s pet.”

He pushed her chin away. As much as the thought made her want to vomit, he was right. If she didn’t do something soon, she would be wed to him. She knew he wasn’t bluffing about what he would do to her and her servants. She would make that sacrifice if she had to, saving lives was more important than her purity.

September looked around the room, her servants casting nervous glances her way. Where was Jun, she thought. Surely, she found some help. Of course, it would be hard to get a person to listen to a dragonfly, unless Jun found one of her sisters. September hoped January was close at hand, she was a warrior to be reckoned with.

A flash a steel caught September’s eye and she saw the cook standing in the doorway with a long butcher knife. September scanned the rest of the room and saw staff after staff hiding in the doorways, each carrying a weapon. They would not let her give herself for them, they were willing to fight. She knew she had distract Gunner and his men, so the house staff could make a surprise attack and have half a chance. She stood.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Gunner barked.

“I’ve had enough of this. I’m going to bed,” she answered.

A wicked smile caressed Gunner’s face. “Bed sounds nice.”

“We are not married yet, Gunner of Silverstein Castle. You will not touch me.” She squared her shoulders and looked him straight in the eyes. “It would be no surprise to me if you couldn’t even preform the consummation of marriage.”

His smile vanished. He was on her before she could react, pinning her to the wall. All the men glared at her with evil smiles. “I will show you just how well I preform right here, right now.”

The men all laughed as Gunner pinned her wrists with one hand, while reaching for his belt with the other. His full weight was on top of her, she only hoped the distraction was enough.

A cry rang through the dining hall as the staff entered the large room, weapons raised. Gunner wiped around at the surprise attack giving September just enough room to slip from his grips and grab his own sword which hung loosely. She pointed the tip directly at his neck. Her hands were steady, her stance firm.

“Tell your men to surrender,” she ordered, “or I will put this sword right through your gullet.”

Gunner laughed. “You are but a mere woman. I am not afraid of you.”

He pulled a long dagger from his back and smack the sword away. September countered with a swift turn, knocking the Gunner near the back of his knees, causing him to kneel. She followed with an uppercut of the sword which knocked the dagger out of Gunner’s hands. He stared at her with wide eyes as she returned the knife point to his neck.

“Do you think I would not know how to defend myself, Gunner of Silverstein? That was a poor lack of knowledge of your part. Now tell your men to put down their weapons,” September ordered again.

“Put down your weapons!” Gunner yelled.

Hearing their leader, the men stopped and stared, which gave the staff just enough time to disarm them all. No sooner had all the weapons hit the ground, September heard the roar of men and the thundering sound of boots running down the hallway.

“You tell the rest of your guards to cease or I will kill you,” she snarled.

Gunner looked confused. “They aren’t mine.”

Just then Aster and his men entered the dining hall ready for a fight. Aster stopped short seeing his bride bearing her sword against their enemy. “You’ve never looked more beautiful,” he said to September. “Guards, take them all away.”

As Aster’s guards cleared the room as the intruders, he took survey of September. “Are you okay? Did he hurt you?”

September shook her head and hugged her love. “I’m fine. I’m so glad you came.”

Aster laughed. “Seems you had the situation under control.” He lifted her chin, giving her a soft, sweet kiss. “You are once again my bride.”

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