Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Murder of Two ~ Part 3

Running Bear shook his head. “So there is no stopping this?”

“We can’t kill an Ankou,” explained August, “but we can trap it.”

“And how do we do this?” asked Running Bear.

“We tempt him with something he can’t refuse. Then once he’s in our sites, my people can cast a spell to entrap him.”

“How do we get your people here?” Running Bear asked. “Do they come the same way you did?”

August ran her hands through her hair. “No, my people can come to the mortal world any time. I just have to let my people know where I am.”

“I see.” Running Bear folded his arms. “And what will my people do?”

“Your people will draw him in. Once he gets here, he’ll see what he wants.”

“Call your people, we will formulate a plan.”

August closed her eyes and recited the spell. Instantly, Jasper and a dozen Elven guards appeared.

“Are you okay?” asked Jasper, eyeing Running Bear and his braves.

“Yes, we have a plan. I’m glad you all are here to help.” August hugged Jasper.

“We were so frightened when you disappeared,” said Jasper. “You have to be careful you know what would happen if anything happened to you.”

“What would happened?” asked Running Bear.

“If anything happens to August or her sisters,” stated Jasper. “There would be an imbalance in the world. Many souls in both our worlds would be lost.”

“You mentioned the Ankou would be trapped by seeing something he wants more than anything. What would that be?” Running Bear raising an eyebrow at August.

“Why me, of course,” answered August.

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