Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Murder of Two ~ Part 1

August stared down at the crumpled mess that used to be a pixie fairy and shook her head. Nothing like this had happened in her realm before. Most of the fairy people were at peace, especially since the treaty had been signed with the Serpents.

Even if it hadn’t, this did not look like a Serpent fatality. Whatever had done this to this poor pixie girl was messier than a Serpent. August looked away from the scene. She couldn’t take in any more, but was sure she had seen enough to help find the murderer.

“What do you think?” asked her sidekick, a fox named Jasper.

“So far I’ve ruled out the Serpents. Looks like it could be the work of a mad dwarf or an Ankou.”

Jasper shook his head. “A dwarf, even a mad one, could never catch a pixie and the Ankou haven’t been around these parts for eons. They have found their calling in the mortal world, no need for them to come back. The mortals are easier pray, I’m afraid to say.”

“You’re very right,” said August.

She looked around the crime scene as a pair of Brownies prepared a spell to send the pixie’s body to the Soulfull Gardens. There the body would be restored to its natural state and her pixie family and friends could pay their respects before her body would be wrapped in the roots of a flower of the family’s choosing.

“I wonder if it has something to do with these markings? Dark magic perhaps?” asked August as she approached the rock face of the cliffs. She stared at the circle within a circle with a crow like figure sitting in the center that was etched into the side of the cliffs.

Jasper joined her. “I don’t know. I’ve never seen them before."

“Neither have I. They look very ancient.” August reached up and traced the circle with her hand. Instantly, she felt her entire body being pulled into the rock as everything went an odd shade of tan. Just as quickly, she was being blinded by the sun, in what had to be a desert.


Two men talked, but she couldn’t understand them. As her eyes adjusted to the light, she found herself at the aim of two long spears, being held by men with dark black hair adorned with feathers. And beside her the body of a young woman, killed in the exact same way as the pixie.

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