Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Murder of Two ~ The Conclusion

August watched the menacing figure advance. Even though she was surrounded by Running Bear’s braves and the chief stood right by her side, she couldn’t help but feel nervous. She glanced at Jasper and the Elven warriors who stood ready in the shadows.

Her mind flashed to the faces of the young Indian woman and pixie, knowing she much do this for them. Their lives could not be lost in vain. Anger raced through her veins. She would put this Ankou in the darkest, deepest pit she could find.

The dark man dressed in a draped black cape, snapped the whip at the tails of his two black horses, their eyes glowing red. The wagon creaked and cracked, enduring the rough terrain and it barreled to toward the Braves.

“Stand your ground,” ordered Running Bear. Not one Brave moved, all eyes furrowed in bravery and determination.

The wagon skidded to a stop, the horses grunting in the Braves faces. Still none moved.

The Ankou glided off his wagon.

“What do we have here?” The haunting voice of the Ankou drifted through the air, although his thin lips never moved. “Souls for the taking?”

Running Bear stepped forward. “You took the life of one of our women. You will not be allowed to take another.”

The Ankou’s laugh filled the air. “And you think you and your minions can stop me?”

Running Bear shook his head. “Not alone.”

“And who will come to your aid?” asked the Ankou.

“I will.” August stepped out of the crowd.

The Ankou glided toward August. Running Bear stepped in front of him.

“A Daughter of the Earth will make a wonderful soul for my collection.” The Ankou rubbed his hands together. “Shall we do this then?”

Without another word, Running Bear fell to his knees gasping for breath.

“Now!” screamed August.

Jasper and the warriors stepped out of the shadows, each of them chanting while holding a large peridot stone. August raised her own peridot stone and added to the chant.

“You will leave this man alone,” she order. “You will not take another soul.”

The Ankou fell to his knees as Running Bear regained his stance over the demon and raised his spear. “This is for our lost daughter.”

Running Bear speared the Ankou straight through the heart. A bright light shot out of the Ankou’s chest and attached to the peridot stones. The Ankou’s scream pierced the air, as he was pulled into August’s peridot stone. He fought to stay of the stone, but August chanted louder.

At last the Ankou was sucked into the stone and the light disappeared. Jasper ran to August, a black velvet box in his hand. August placed the stone in the box, which Jasper promptly locked.

“We will have our Brownies do a locking spell as well. The dwarfs will burying him deep in the minds. He will not hurt another soul,” said Jasper before disappearing.

Running Bear took August’s hands. “Thank you for helping us with this matter. We will say our appreciations to Father Sky and Mother Earth.”

“We couldn’t have done it without you,” said August. “Your people are so brave. They are always welcome in our realm.”

“And you in ours,” said Running Bear.

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