Tuesday, July 2, 2013

To Trust a Viper

July looked down at the little bundle in her arms and smiled. “I shall call you Ruby, because you are my precious gem.”

Ruby squeaked as baby’s do and July gazed at her husband. “She makes the cutest little noises. It is amazing how much I love her. We make a beautiful baby.”

Larkspur grabbed July’s hand as he kissed her gently. “She looks just like her mother.”

As the proud parents starred at their new daughter, July noticed something was wrong. “Lark, does she look yellow to you?”

Larkspur raised an eyebrow. “She does. I’m sure it’s nothing, but I’ll send for the doctor at once.”

 “There is no need to call the doctor,” came a haunting voice from the corner. “I know what ails your daughter.”

July hugged Ruby tightly to her chest. “Who are you?”

“They call me Viper,” said the figure as he stepped out of the shadows. He had a long narrow face, with just a pinch of a nose. His long fingers laced together in a mock prayer as he approached the couple.

Larkspur guarded his wife and child, hand on sword. “You shall come no closer, until you tell me your intent. You were not invited into this chamber.”

“Of course, I wasn’t,” said Viper, letting the syllables of his words linger on the ‘s’. “I am never invited to royal gatherings, for everyone is afraid of me.”

“Need we be?” asked July.

“There have been misunderstandings between my people and yours, but we just try to live simple lives,” explained Viper.

Larkspur displayed his blade. “I have heard of your people. You’ve poisoned many of our own. Is that what you’ve done to Ruby? Tell me how to fix it!”

Larkspur shoved his sword just under Viper’s chin.

“Kill me and your daughter will surely die,” Viper said calmly.

“Lark, please, do as he says,” July begged.

Larkspur put away his sword. “What do you want?”

“My only want is to for my people to be treated with kindness and the same as everyone other being in the kingdom.”

“Done,” said Larkspur. “Now fix her.”

Viper bowed his head. “Sadly, I cannot.” He pointed at July. “Only she can.”

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