Tuesday, July 23, 2013

To Trust a Viper ~ Part 3

“Let go of me!” July screamed at the Copperhead Vines.

“You are trespassing,” they hissed in unison.

“My daughter is sick,” cried July. “I must collect the nectar from the flower of honey. I was told you would let me pass because I have the essence of a mother.”

“And who would be so foolish as to send you here?” they said.

July bit her tongue. Viper was already in trouble with his people. Would she get him into more trouble if they knew he was the one that sent her on this quest?

“Someone who wants to help your kind,” July said. “Someone who has made a deal that if we are able to cure my daughter, then we will be more acceptable to your kind. The prejudice will stop.”

“Lies!” they hissed. “We have heard this before, but your people will treat us as equals. Who are you to make this kind of deal?”

“I’m a daughter of Earth,” explained July. “They call me July. My daughter Ruby, is a precious gem to all of us. She has not yet begun to live life and if I don’t get this nectar to her, she will never get to.”

The Copperhead Vines hissed among themselves for a minute, but July could make out the words, “Ruby” and “prophecy”.

‘’What is it?” July asked. “What is going on? Will you let me go to tend to my daughter?”

“No,” they hissed, “you must come with us. We must bring you to the King.”

“I can’t!” screamed July. “I have to save my daughter!”

But they did not heed her cries as they twisted their bodies around her and carried her off to meet the king.

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