Tuesday, July 16, 2013

To Trust a Viper ~ Part 3

After traveling the greater part of the day, Viper held up his hand. “We’re here.”

July dismounted her horse, grimacing at the soreness that ached through her body. Riding a horse so soon after her labor was not ideal, but it was the only way they could make it to the valley and back in the short amount of time they had.

“What do I need to do?” asked July, handing the reins to Viper.

He handed her a vile. “You must collect enough nectar from the flower of honey to fill this bottle. That should make little Ruby well again.”

July grabbed the bottle. “Are you coming with me? I have no idea what this flower looks like.”

“I cannot,” said Viper with a bowed head. “I have been shunned for helping you. They will not allow me to enter.”

“But your only condition was for us to treat them the same as other beings,” gasped July.

“Yes,” said Viper, “but they didn’t believe it could be done. There is a lot of anger among our people as well. They see me as a traitor.”

July lifted her chin. “Then I shall do this for us all. What does the flower of honey look like?”

“White, and like the instrument you call a trumpet.”

July squared her shoulders and entered the Valley of the Serpents.

The valley was green and lush, the grass tall thick as July carefully picked her way across the valley. Reaching the center of the valley, she spotted a white flower that looked like a trumpet. It littered the valley floor in abundance. It had to be the flower of honey.

Sitting on her knees, she delicately lifted each flower, pouring the nectar into the bottle Viper had given her. Her bottle full, she smiled. She would save her Ruby.

She tried to stand up, but her foot was caught on something. She looked behind her, just in time to see the Cooperhead Vines wrapped around her ankles.

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