Tuesday, July 30, 2013

To Trust a Viper ~ The Conclusion

“Who is this?” hissed a stern voice. “Why have you brought her here? They are forbidden in our valley. Kill her at once!”

July watched a Copperhead Vine slither up to the King and whisper in his ear. The King’s eyes widened.

“Is it true?” he asked.

“Is what true?” July answered.

“Did you come to our valley to save your daughter Ruby?” the king clarified.

“I did, she has poisoning of the blood. Only the flower of honey can save her,” explained July.

“And who told you of this flower?” the king hissed.

“I did.” Viper stepped out of the shadows.

“Traitor!” the Copperhead Vines hissed.

“He is no traitor!” July struggled against the vines. “He came with an offer to save Ruby in order to create peace among our people. He is brave and valiant. He came to us, knowing full well he might receive a blade instead of an offer. He came for the sake of his people.”

“And what kind of deal did you make Viper?” asked the king. “Should I expect them to come crawling into our kingdom, looking for their next land quest?”

Viper shook his head. “No, my Lord, only that we be treated as equals. That we be free to attend their conferences and summits. That we be heard as all other being are heard, so that all these misunderstandings between our kinds can stop.”

The king rubbed his pointy chin. “Can you make this happen?” he asked July.

July nodded. “My father is the earth and my mother the sky, Ruby is their gem. They will do anything to keep her safe.”

“Then take your flower,” said the king, giving the Copperhead Vines a nod to let July go. “It has been told a child of Ruby will bring peace among our lands. I hope the fable is correct. Viper will accompany you back to your palace. He will be our liaison.”

The king took July’s hand. “I truly hope this is a new era for us all.”

July covered the king’s hand with her free hand. “It will a time of blessing for us all. Thank you for allowing me to save my daughter. Be at peace my friend.”


July hurried into Ruby’s chamber, vile in hand. Larkspur cradled the infant in his strong arms. “Your Mama’s here to make you feel all better.”

He handed Ruby to July. Using the smallest of sips, she nursed the nectar into her babe’s mouth. Instantly, Ruby’s color return to normal as she let out a small squeak.

“Oh yes, little darling, we have much to be happy about.”

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