Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Mermaid's Pearl ~ Part 1

June dove deep into the pond, the cool water feeling great against her hot skin. The sun hung around longer now, making the air steamy and the day perfect for swimming.

After doing a couple of summersaults below the waves, June reached towards the surface. Breaking through, she inhaled deeply feeling refreshed after a long morning of tending to flowers. A frog croaked on a lily pad beside her.

"Why good morning, Francis," said June. "How has your morning been."

Francis whipped his tongue out and caught a fly, causing June to laugh. "Good I see."

June floated on her back and watched the clouds. It didn't seem that long ago that the sky was dark and thunderstorms wreaked havoc on the village nearby. Thankfully, due to her sisters, April and May, no one was hurt.

Francis hopped onto her belly and let out a low croak.

"Oh, Francis, you're being silly," said June. "The sky is blue and the wind is still. There is no danger of storms today."

Francis croaked again, before launching to a nearby lily pad. June righted herself in the water and looked around.

Francis was right, the forest had gone unnaturally quiet. Not a bird or critter could be heard, something was definitely not right.

June smelled the fire before she  saw it. The minute the smoke assaulted her nose, animals of all shapes and sizes barreled toward her. There was no time to doubt, a fire was headed her way.

June reached toward the shore. She had to get out and run or she would be caught in the fire with no escape. But her leg was caught on something under the water and she couldn't move.

She could see the flames now as they marched toward her. There was no escaping, she had to hope the water would provide her with some protection. Francis let out a whine of a croak before jumping into the pond.

June reached down, trying to free her leg, but her hand was meant with another. June screamed as she was pulled under the water.

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