Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fallen Angels ~ Part 6

The tornado barreled toward the angels. May grabbed April's hand. "We must warn the townspeople," she cried.

May looked to Emerald. He stood tall, brows furrowed in determination and courage.

"I have to go," she yelled.

Getting a quick nod from Emerald, she ran with April towards the town. Branches and boulders fell around them causing the girls to trip. Out of nowhere two large stags galloped to their sides. The girls quickly jumped onto the deer, who then leapt over obstacles with grace.

May looked back and could see Emerald, Diamond and the other fallen angels fighting off their foes. The demons, Destruction and Rage continued their tornado destruction as they followed the girls. But, with the help of the stags, April and May were creating a distance between the tornado and themselves. If they were lucky they could get the townspeople into shelter before the demons hit.  They wouldn't have a minute to spare.

May could see the gates of the town just ahead. Her sister, April, was just ahead of her. She dared to glance back one last time. Her heart flooded with relief, they had a good ten minutes on the tornado. One ring of the bell and all the townspeople would retreat to their cellars.

A large boom filled the air causing May's stag to rear. May fell to the ground.

"May!" cried April.

"Keep going," May yelled, back. "Make sure the people are safe, I'll be alright."

April nodded and continued onto the gate.

"Did you think it would be that easy?" Thunder floated down, his voice barreling through the sky. "That you could just deny the demons what is rightfully theirs?"

"Those people do not belong to those monsters. You cannot have them. I will not let you." May wasn't sure where the sudden surge of courage had come from, but she was glad for it.

"Don't you see?" said Thunder. "You are but a mere mortal. You have no say in the discussions of angels. I have promised the demons souls and souls they shall have." His eyes narrowed. "And yours shall be the first."

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