Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fallen Angel ~ Part 5

Emerald blocked May with his massive wings. "You will not lay a finger on her, Thunder."

Thunder let out a ear splitting laugh. "As if you could do anything about it. You are fallen. Your strength pales in comparison to ours now."

"How did you do it?" asked April.

"How did I do what?" mocked Thunder.

"Make them all fall," April clarified. "It must take a brilliant mind to lay out such a plan. One might say a more brilliant mind than the creator."

"April watch your tongue," scolded May.

April shrugged. "I'm simply curious."

Thunder let out another laugh. "Maybe I'll take you home as my pet instead of your sister. I guess it doesn't matter now. You are already fallen. Nothing can change that."

Thunder snapped his fingers and two black snakes slithered out of the storm. "I'd like you to meet Destruction and Rage."

"The Devil's Demons," gasped Diamond.

"Why yes, while our Creator was speaking with the devil, trying to negotiate yet another peace treaty, they slipped into His steward's bag. Soon they found me with a message from the Devil himself. Turns out the last thing he wants is more angels snooping about. All it took was a little venom from my new friends, which we were able to inject just after Lightening was able to stun you all with a bolt. As soon as the venom entered your heart, you fell."

"You're working with the devil? This is an all time low, even for you Thunder," sneered Emerald.

"Why yes I am." Thunder narrowed his eyes. "I have taken over the Angel League and soon I will take over the world."

"Our Creator will stop you." Emerald furrowed his brow. "We will stop you."

The evil smile returned to Thunder's face as the angels behind him laughed. "I'd like to see you try."

He snapped his fingers again. Lightening smashed his hands together sending bolts flashing to the ground. May looked up just in time to see Destruction and Rage twisting together to form the biggest tornado she had ever seen.

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