Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fallen Angel ~ Part 4

"April?" a soft voice came from the bushes. "Ester told me I could find you over here."

"May, what are you doing here?" asked April as her sister came through the bushes with another angel following her.

"Emerald," said Diamond, "not you as well."

"I'm afraid so, Brother," said Emerald as he stretched out his wings to show the one black feather. "We must go to Him. He will right this wrong."

"Go to who," asked May.

"Why the creator, of course," stated Emerald.

"But how?" asked Diamond. "As long as we have the black feather we won't be able to find the gates."

"Surely, the creator knows," said April. "He knows all."

Diamond shook his head. "He would want us to right this wrong ourselves. To fight for what's right. He won't take sides until he has to, so He is not an option. Remember He loves us all, including Thunder and the others."

The sky grew dark as a storm appeared out of nowhere.

"Thunder," yelled Emerald, "come and face us you coward."

The clouds grew darker and the wind whipped through May's hair as a tall angel followed by three more angels descended from the clouds. The male angel in front let out a tsk as he landed.

"Diamond, Emerald, it's such a shame to see you bear the black feather." His eyes narrowed. "But you were warned and have made the creator very unhappy."

Star let out a sob. "You are a monster, Thunder."

The corners of Thunder's mouth turned up in a wicked smile. "I'm not the one with the black feather, sweetheart. The creator has made it clear, angels will only be made by him. These mortals who come to live with us after their puny lives on Earth are over, are nothing but slaves. Take back your vote and I will dissolve your black feathers."

"I know my creator and you are wrong, sir," shouted May.

Thunder's eyes narrowed, then his voice boomed through the sky. "How dare you talk to an angel that way you mere mortal. Watch your tongue or you will be struck down."

He softened his face and his evil smile returned as he studied May. "Of course, I could use a pet like you."

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