Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fallen Angel ~ Part 1

April lifted her hands to the sky and laughed as the spring showers started to fall. It was her turn, and there was much to do for her sisters. She had to warm up the world from her sisters, January, February and March and make sure her younger sister, May, had enough rain to grow her flowers. Soon June, July and August would come around, sick of their frizzy hair, and dry up all the rain. So, there was lots to do to ensure a beautiful spring.

A little bunny hopped to her foot and nuzzled her ankle.

"Well, hello there little Ester. How are you on this fine morning?" asked April, picking up her furry friend.

The rabbit did a series of nose twitches, causing April to nod. "Yes, having a stranger in the woods is very scary, but I'm sure he's just out for a hike on this glorious spring morning."

Ester did some more nose twitches.

"He has wings?" April placed her finger on her chin. "How peculiar? I wonder what his is? Come on and show me, and we shall meet this unusual man."

Setting Ester down, the rabbit took off toward the south. April, with a sprint as fast as a cheetah, kept pace with her friend. Soon the two friends were crouched behind the bushes, looking at the strange man.

He was taller than any man April had seen before and his blonde hair seemed to glow with the rays of the sun. His arms and legs were tan and thick with muscles, telling April he was a man who could carry many boulders. He turned his back to the two friends and stretched out his wings.

April gasped in awe. They were a glorious white, not a flaw among the feathers, except for a single black feather. April could not tell if it was meant to be there or not.

"How dare you spy on me." A strong baritone boomed over April, causing Ester to dart into a nearby hole. "Come out at once and explain yourself!"

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