Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Leprechaun's Treasure ~ Part 2

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March folded her arms, "Now what do I want with a stupid clover? At least with gold I could feed the needy or buy shoes for children who haven't got any."

"You do that anyway," said Rhoddy. "You're father has more gold than even the leprechauns, but what he doesn't have is a magical clover like the Aquamarine Clover. It is said to reverse any enchantment and undo any evil that has parched the land. Think about it March, with the Aquamarine Clover you can prevent evil from ever entering your realm. You will be as powerful as the witches who cast the spells in the first place."

March tapped a finger to her cheek, then smiled. "It does sound like fun and I do like to help people. Let's do it."

Rhoddy smiled, "Well, come on then!"

He scampered into the woods, March right on his tail. They ran for what felt like miles, soon March could hear the roar of the falls. Rhoddy lifted a fuzzy arm and she stopped.

"We have to be careful," whispered Rhoddy. "The leprechauns will not give up the Aquamarine Clover willingly. They love their treasure and hoard it like mice hoard cheese."

"Or like you hoard nuts?" March asked with a smile.

"A squirrel can never be too prepared," said Rhoddy. "But that's not the point, Princess. We mustn't get caught."

March nodded and the duo made their way to the base of the falls. Hiding behind a bush, they took in the security. Two leprechauns stood at the entrance to a cave just under the waterfall, while two more sat in the back counting gold from a large black cauldron. Just above them on the wall, sat the Aquamarine Clover. It twinkled in the rainbow's light.

"I will distract the leprechauns by running in and stealing a gold piece. Then you can run in and grab the clover."

Rhoddy took off before March could stop him. He scampered through the guards in the cave opening and went right up on top of the gold. She could see him twitch his nose and make squirrel chirping noises, before grabbing a piece of gold and fleeing.

The leprechauns stared at each other in disbelief before running after the squirrel.

March took this as her cue and ran into the cave. She picked the clover up and cradled it in her hands. She could feel the power surging from it.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end and she knew she wasn't alone in the cave.

"Well, what do you have here?" came an old woman's voice from the shadow. "Is someone trying to steal my Aquamarine Clover?"

March shook her head and put the clover back on the shelf. "No, I was just looking at it, waiting for the leprechauns to come back. Who's there?"

A cackle filled the room. "This is no leprechaun's layer, silly girl."

The old woman stepped out from the shadows, wild grey hair shooting out in all directions as red eyes focused on March.

"Pargonous the witch," was the last thing March whispered before her whole world went black.

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